Pasta Salad with Mussels and cherry tomatoes

Pasta salad with mussels

I must admit, that this year was not spent much cooking outdoors. I’m getting really comfortable with just hitting for the restaurants and getting others to cook for me. Now that isn’t such a bad idea either?With the seasonal weather changing to be colder, darker, wet-ter and just nothing enjoyable to stay outside and freeze your buns out, I’d opt for eating out. Moreover we’ve been hitting for destinations where food’s real cheap, too cheap to think of even cooking by yourself, so that was it… But I promise you, next year is going to THE outdoor year spent cooking cooking cooking and äähmmm, climbing too… nevertheless I still have some recipes up my sleeves for you to try out.

This Pasta Salad with Mussels recipe was amazingly delicious! It’s tasty, refreshing and so easy for outdoor cooking.  It surprised my hubby that it turned out really “lecker” and I surprised myself that it tasted so good. Happy ending afterall…phew!  :-)

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

250g Pasta (spiral / penne)
2 stalks cellary sliced
4 Cherry tomatoes (cut in small wedges  or halfed)
1 can Mussels (remove oil)
Salad cream (Thomy)
1 tbsp. Mustard
3 tbsp Remoulade

1-2 garlic
Olive oil
salt , pepper to taste
Chilly powder (to taste)


While waiting for the pasta water to boil, slice the cellary stalks, and prepare the cherry tomatoes. Add this all in a big bowl, adding all spices and sauce.  Once the pasta is done, drain the water, and add this to the bowl.  Mix all other ingredients together and serve immediately.

Pasta salad with mussels

Pasta salad with mussels

Pasta salad with mussels

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