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Climbing in Saint Leger, France

News spreaded like wildfire. There was this place, this Gorge, with long overhanging routes in the upper grades and potential that could possibly last a …

Climbing vs bouldering – same same but different

When I started climbing 2 decades back, bouldering was just a form of training at home or at the gym when you aren’t climbing. You …

Sector Power - Chateauvert

Chateauvert – our Spring climbing escape in Vallon Sourn

It was a trip escaping the terrible spring we had this year. Snow, rain, floods….time flew and suddenly it was summer back home. Being such …

Climbing in Ariège, midi Pyrenees – France

Ariège lays about 100 km away from Toulouse in the middle of the Midi-Pyrénées. There are about 2000++ sports-climbing routes in the area to keep you busy. …

Climbing in Casso, Italy

If you drive through Longarone and look up to the roads that lead to Erto, you’ll notice this great wall that covers a great part …

Marche – climbing amidst the Central Apennine in Italy

We glided daily across the numerous Metauro hills in the Marche region covered with a green, luscious landscape. Oh, how those many L A Y …

One of those days in Osttirol

It sounded real easy: “Cross the bridge, pass by the cows and ascend in 10 mins to the visible crag.” And we did just that, …

Climbing in Val Tanaro, Italy

  The weather promised a week of sunshine in the southern side of the Alps. So we packed up, left early, and headed for the …


Winter climbing in Arco

  That year, Lago di Garda suffered many heavy rainfalls , lots of snow and bad weather … finding a dry climbing sector was a …

Climbing in Sardinia – Updates 2012

Playing with the idea for a short break away from the cold, wet, foggy weather? Or looking for a climbing destination for the next summer …

Anything & everything

The art beneath the routes

Have you noticed, there are climbing places where you think >> gosh, this is a beautiful place to be <<. Or some, where you wouldn’t want …


That’s how we greet each other in Bavaria anywhere between and above forest levels. :-) Hey there! I’m Chris. This my blog on our travels sport climbing has brought us through the last decades, hikes, plus everything else that comes along with it. Enjoy!

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the alps near and far

Hirschberg 1668m – a classic summit in the Tegernsee region

The Hirschberg 1668 m- a classic in the Bavarian Alps. Also known to be one of the “Münchner Hausberg” be it summer or winter. It is actually …

Crossing the Wendelstein Alps

If you are a local to the Bavarian Alps, the Wendelstein would’ve been perhaps one of the first summits you made, and then ignored forever. …

Boulder Area at the Berliner Hütte

Hiking to the Boulders at the Berliner Hütte – en route via Schönbichlerhorn, 3134m

The Berliner Höhenweg is a famous Trial in the Zillertaler Alps, taking you across a few awesome 3000m summits on a normal 7 day hike. …

Of Gorges and Peaks in the Zugspitze Region, Garmisch Partenkirchen // press trip

We climbed the Alpspitz via the Alpspitz-Ferrata and the Zugspitze via the Höllentalferner glacier in 2.5 days

some life hacks

Choosing the right Sleeping bag

Choosing the right sleeping bag – Down vs Synthetic

My first night out under the stars was some 2 decades back. It was awesome. It was hard to close my eyes. There was much …

Packing up for an Outdoor Dirtbag Road Trip

… and making it a success. All excited about your upcoming road trip? Gotten your new van or outdoor vehicle and packing up for your …

Repairing your down products

Repair your Down Jacket or Sleeping Bag yourself?

Zzzzzrrrraaaack! Oh no! You turn around only to find your brand new down jacket with an ugly L shape rip and a cloud of feathers …

Other essential bits


Bouldering has become it’s very own climbing discipline. A sportclimber boulders too – be it just for training, or time/ weather/ partner constraints or the route he’s trying on. Find out what you need to start in these series I’ve put together.

Ready for pasta?

When it comes to food, cooking outdoors can become a challenge. Using some planning in advance, the challenge can be minimized allowing you to whip up a meal for yourself or the whole gang.  Here are some pasta recipe inspirations ToGo.

The insulated Food Canister


With just a smartphone or a mirrorless digital camera, photography and making videos has become a part of the pack on our trips. For me, astro and night photography is a worthy challenge to stay up all night. Here are a few shots I’ve taken during those sleepless nights.

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