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Hey there, I’m Chris. We climb, hike & bike and are fulltime outdoor lovers. This is my blog on some of our adventures in the Bavarian rocky mountains and the rest of the world. If it gets quiet here, you’ll find us on the rocks or trails. Enjoy !

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All about Bouldering

Climbing vs bouldering – same same but different

When I started climbing 2 decades back, bouldering was just a form of training at home or at the gym when you aren’t climbing. You make little boulder walls in your cellar, room, roof, stairway to resemble a particular crux that you are looking on to solve, or it’s just a wall to work on…

Outdoor Cooking

()callwhen: when hungry then cook else starve

You can eat out of the hydrated bag, or whip up a gourmet meal. Here’s a few easy and quick recipes for your next outdoor trip