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Tufa Paradise in Nice

Climbing in Côte d’Azur, France

Alpes – Maritimes – a beautiful mixture of the alps and the sea next to each other in southern France. The Côte d’Azur region is blessed with hundreds …

crags in Grenoble

Climbing in Grenoble, France

We finally made it to the areas near Grenoble after dozens of recomendations from various climbers. Without much expectations and equipt with an 10 year …

Climbing in Sardegna, Italy

  Sardegna is one of the most beautiful Islands opposite of Rome and about 9 Ferry hours away from Livorno, where we took off on …

The Saturn crashpad from Moon Climbing

In my last post, I gathered points on what to look for when you’re choosing a crashpad. With all of them in my mind, I noted …

Climbing in Casso, Italy

If you drive through Longarone and look up to the roads that lead to Erto, you’ll notice this great wall that covers a great part …

Choosing the right crash pad for bouldering

 “A good spotter is better than any crash pad” I heard that often. But a crash pad catches the impact of your fall, prevents injuries …

Bouldering outdoors – do it right

Bouldering is an easy game. A pair of shoes, chalk bag, crashpad and off you go. Alone or with your friends. Long belay times are non-existent.

Climbing in Castelbianco – Valle Pennavaire

The cliffs in and around Castelbianco is not anymore just an alternative to the neighbouring Finale. It has become the spot to climb on off the …

Plaisir climbing in the french Provence

We grabbed a cafe au liat with a croissant amandé in town before we started that climbing day in the Provence. But as a person …

Sleep & climb high – cool Briançon Climbs in summer

Looking back at my last post on climbing in Val Durance or Briançon it has covered some of the most important areas of the region years …

Anything & everything

The art beneath the routes

Have you noticed, there are climbing places where you think >> gosh, this is a beautiful place to be <<. Or some, where you wouldn’t want …


That’s how we greet each other in Bavaria anywhere between and above forest levels. :-) Hey there! I’m Chris. This my blog on our travels sport climbing has brought us through the last decades, hikes, plus everything else that comes along with it. Enjoy!

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the alps near and far

View from the rim - Schildenstein

Schildenstein 1613m – hiking the Wolfsschlucht

It was a hot summer. Let me change that.. it is a hot summer. In fact, it is a great summer, one we haven’t had …

The Pendling and Kala Alm in winter – a FaceTime with the Kaiser

The Kufsteiner Haus in Pendling and Kala Alm are perhaps one of the most frequented mountain huts in Thiersee, Tirol – Austria…

SportScheck OutdoorTestival 2014 – Via-Ferrata E.Castiglione

Four days at the OutdoorTestival 2014 powered by SportScheck , packed with action sports during the day and “after work” parties at night proved a challenge not only …

Crossing the Wendelstein Alps

If you are a local to the Bavarian Alps, the Wendelstein would’ve been perhaps one of the first summits you made, and then ignored forever. …

some life hacks

Packing up light to the alpine refuge – my backpack pack list

Time to clean up the tons of paper on my table. I’m putting my Pack List for the weekend (2-3 days) at the alpine refuge right …

Tips on Gear Care

How to make your climbing gear last almost forever

Frankly speaking, before the hype came, back in the 80ties and 90ties, rock climbers were probably the nightmare of every sales manager. They were one …

steepest inclination of the Hangboard

DIY: Build a stand-alone flexible Hangboard frame

Why build a Hangboard frame when there are ready to use door mounting systems available? A lot depends on which material your door frame is …

Other essential bits


Bouldering has become it’s very own climbing discipline. A sportclimber boulders too – be it just for training, or time/ weather/ partner constraints or the route he’s trying on. Find out what you need to start in these series I’ve put together.

Ready for pasta?

When it comes to food, cooking outdoors can become a challenge. Using some planning in advance, the challenge can be minimized allowing you to whip up a meal for yourself or the whole gang.  Here are some pasta recipe inspirations ToGo.

The insulated Food Canister


With just a smartphone or a mirrorless digital camera, photography and making videos has become a part of the pack on our trips. For me, astro and night photography is a worthy challenge to stay up all night. Here are a few shots I’ve taken during those sleepless nights.

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