Making Chapati (Indian Flatbread) outdoors

My cravings for chapati (indian flat bread) during a road trip happens frequently, usually after weeks of pasta. The Chapati flat bread goes well with any meat or vegetable dishes and can be kept unrefrigerated for a max. of 2-3 days (always in the shade!). It tastes best when you warm it up a little in the pan before serving. It tastes just as good on its own, with some aioli on it.

All you need is a big bowl to mould your chapati dough and a cover for it. You could use a cloth as a substitute.


500 g wheat flour
Some warm water
Pinch of salt
1 tsp of mixed spices (coriander seeds, anise, green cardamom, cumin, finely grinded – prepared at home!)
Olive oil


  1. Add flour and all ingredients in a big bowl. Mix a little.
  2. Make a tiny well in the middle and pour some warm water and some oil (not too much!) there. Kneed both components until the dough is still soft but elastic. Add water where needed.
  3. Put the dough in the middle of the bowl and cover with a plate or cloth and let this rest for 30 mins. Since there is no yeast in this recipe, you don’t have to leave it to rest for too long. PersonallyI found that the longer the better. What i did was – make the dough during the day, and left it out in a warm place ( covered) and it would ve been ready to prepare by dinner time.
  4. Make little balls about 10 and flatten them with your palm and stretch the dough evenly until it resembles a flat bread. If you happen to have an indian rolling-pin (they are usually smaller than the norm) with you, roll the dough flat.
  5. Heat the pan WITHOUT any oil and bake each chapati until small little light browns spots starts to appear on each side. (about 3-4 mins)

It’s a great treat on rest days and when you have a bundle of time in your hands. It’s great fun for those travelling with children too. Enjoy!

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