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One of the nicest things about traveling is when you get to taste traditional, authentic local food. But if you’re staying around a little longer than just a couple of weeks, you might realize that you can’t hit the restaurant everyday.

Why not whip out a meal yourself? Have you taken a stroll at the local market yet? Did you know which herbs grow in abundance in France or Italy? Have you seen the locals harvesting wild asparagus in their fields?

Say farewell to can goods and expensive restaurants. It’s healthy, cheaper, it’s great fun. Everyone in the family can chip in. You’re most likely a camper, tent specialist or are on vacation renting a holiday apartment. You might find some inspirations here.

What utensils do I need, which spices should I use, how long must I cook them and what should I cook tonight ??? These outdoor culinary inspirations are the result of many road trips. I often buy my groceries in the local market, and love trying out what the local butcher and (sometimes forests) has to offer. Most of these recipes were prepared over my MSR stove that has served me well for two decades.

What do I need?

My favourite RECIPEs ON THE ROAD

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Tuna Rigatoni

Tuna Rigatoni

When the day turns to night after a hard climbing day, you’ll be looking for something fast and delicious. Adding fresh ginger to the meal gives the kick to […]


Chestnut Beef Bourguignon

Autumn. It is the most colorful season of the year and at the same time, it is the best time of the year for us to climb. When chestnut start to fall, you will observe how many locals collects them from the street or trials in little plastic bags that they carry with them.

Salsiccia in white wine and onions

It’s very easy to get the local made Salsiccia (saussages) in the supermarket, especially in Italy or France. They have them specially made for BBQs or just to be fried […]

quails in white wine and pears

Quail with pear in white wine

This is a gourmet recipe to try on if you’ve just returned from the market with some fresh quail poultry. The meat is very tender and usually melts in […]

chicken curry

Chicken curry – Outdoor cooking recipe

I was amazed yesterday to see what some climbers have in their rucksack…you think it’s always full of gear, rope, quickdraws, etc…  Well, when a  friend of ours turned up the […]


green asparagus

Green asparagus with tuna Couscous

It’s not the season for asparagus as it’s summer now. But you can still find asparagus in the supermarket. We were in France then where asparagus was sold abundantly. Infact […]

No meats

A meatless delight – Avocado spread

  If you’re anywhere near the mediterranean sea or are able to get those really ripe, soft, brown avocado, this is a hearty snack recipe to go for those […]

Wild and tasty Chestnut trofie

October is a great month for harvesting chestnuts in the mountainous regions. If you’re lucky, you might pass by some chestnut trees that has thrown all the ripe chestnuts […]



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