Outdoor cooking for outdoor enthusiasts

One of the exciting things about traveling is tasting traditional, authentic local food. After a while, you might realize that you can’t hit the restaurant everyday.

Why not whip out a meal yourself? Have you taken a stroll at the local market yet? Did you know which herbs grow wildly in abundance in France or Italy? Have you seen the locals harvesting wild asparagus in their fields?

It’s healthy, cheaper, it’s great fun to play chef de cuisine. Everyone in the family can chip in. You’re most likely a camper, tent specialist or are on vacation renting a holiday apartment. Maybe find some inspirations here?

Recipes on the Road

What utensils do I need, which spices should I use, how long must I cook? The hardest challenge is deciding on what to cook! These outdoor recipes inspirations are the result of many road trips. I often buy my groceries in the local market, and love trying out what the local butcher and (sometimes forests) has to offer. Most of these recipes were prepared over my MSR stove that has served me well for two decades.