Green asparagus with tuna Couscous

It’s not the season for asparagus as it’s summer now. But you can still find asparagus in the supermarket. We were in France then where asparagus was sold abundantly. Infact I found some wild asparagus in the shelf, a small handful for 3,80 Euros in the Le’Clerc Supermarket. It was the first time I saw wild asparagus. Curious to know the difference of  the wild asparagus and normal green ones, I picked up a bundle and laid this carefully in the basket. The asparagus was thinner than the usual ones we know, and does not need shaving, which was absolutely handy for our situation. While looking for some crags in the midst of Trieste in Italy, I noticed many locals carrying those plastic bags while they searched the terrains thoroughly. Now I know that these plastic bags were filled with wild asparagus, which can be found abundantly. Best seasons are spring, after some rainfalls. And wouldn’t it be fun to hunt for your dinner?

You don’t have to use wild asparagus for this meal, cultivated green asparagus do well too. The white ones however tastes better boiled and buttered. Anything that can replace the Thai fish sauce is a good thing, thus canned Tuna, Sardells or even fresh fish could work well with this recipe. We used the spicy oriental couscous, but the normal couscous is fine too.

Ingredients :

1 packet oriental Couscous mixed with spices (for 2)
1 bundle (wild) green asparagus
1 can tuna in natural juice
2 big Garlic cloves
1 cube chicken bouillon
3 tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp sugar
Chillies to taste
Kosher Salt, pepper to taste


Heat up your MSR stove. Boil the water in a pot with some salt for the amount of couscous needed. Once the water boils, add couscous, simmer for 15 -30 secs, close the cover of the pot, then remove from the fire and leave it to soak till it gets fluffy and soft (5 mins).

In the mean time clean off any woody parts at the end of the asparagus. In my case with wild asparagus, it wasn’t necessary to do anything. Wash & cut in 3cm sticks. Heat oil in the pan, stir fry the asparagus for a few minutes. Add the tuna, plus adding about a tablespoon of the water from the tin. Add all other spices and stir for another 4- 8 mins until everything is cooked, but don’t overcook them so it stays somewhat “bitey”. If you like them spicy & hot, add some chili powder or fresh ones, if available. Fit’s perfect on a hot summer day! Serve separately or top these on the couscous on the plate.

The wild asparagus was delicious. I loved the somewhat bitter, green taste, and those buds right on top are terribly yummy.

So go for it! Yeah!

green asparagus
makes a sumptious meal!

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