The North Face womans Cresent Hoodie

It’s hard to resist grabbing a second layer to double up your insulation when temperatures drop below zero. And fleece is the perfect material for insulation purposes. I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try out a high quality fleece pullover – The North Face womans Crescent Hoodie

What is fleece?

Fleece is light, it drys quickly and does not absorb moisture like cotton does. It also insulates very well, and its breathable. Fleece is a synthetic fabric made from PET (source:wiki) and has more advantages to the conventional woolen fabrics. Thats why you would often find bits and pieces of fleece in insultion clothing. Polar Fleece got really popular in the late 80-ties and made a real break through when it started to replace woolen fabrics in the market. I still remember owning my first oversized polar fleece that went well with those tight leggings then. There are also different fleece qualities so they come in 100g, 200g 300g. Lower quality, cheaper types are usually thinner, and more likely to “peel” after a few washes.

The womans Crescent Hoodie

The Crescent Hoodie felt soft and cuddly and made a solid impression on insulation. Looking closer, it had 359 g/m² fleece, which is so warm you can wear it often as a stand alone. It has a Raglan cutting and comes with a hoodie which is great when you don’t always want to wear a beanie. Those of you with long hair knows this problem. It also keeps the breeze out of your neck. Theres a zip up in front with fashionable buttons which makes it look more like a traditional pullover instead. Functionally, this is great to quickly zip up and down to control body temperatures.

With UPF 50 Protection, the sweater protects you from harmful UV-Rays. The pullover has a slight tapered waist cut for a more feminine look. 2 big zip pockets are adjoined to each other inside, so you could warm up your other hand under the pullover. You don’t have to try remembering if you’ve left your objects in the left or right pocket. A plus for storing bulky stuff like your beanie.



I wore this hoodie on multiple occasions while hiking (at plus 2°C) , cross-country skiing (at minus 4°C) and sports climbing (at plus 8°C during rest periods). It’s great to have something that’s breathable, allowing vapour to escape, thus maintaining a comfortable body temperature. If  it gets too windy, a windbreaker, also known as hard-shell, is the perfect combination for building up a protection wall against the odds. Even after multiple washes, the fleece Hoodie stays in shape and size, and seems absolutely indestructible.

It’s a conventional fleece pullover that keeps you warm when its icy cold, and its light. The North Face womans Cresent Hoodie looks good in its mellow grey design. This Hoodie is not only the perfect companion in the mountains, it’s the casual wear for the evenings and city.

A little pricy at UP 100€, but watch out for sale offers this season that has already started. Available online: The North Face Shop


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