The art beneath the routes

Have you noticed, there are climbing places where you think >> gosh, this is a beautiful place to be <<. Or some, where you wouldn’t want to spend longer than two minutes because of its filth. First impressions count.

Curiosities at a crag
Gorge du Tarn, France

Crags, when first discovered in a virgin state are sometimes found next to the rubbish dump, they are completely covered with thorny bushes and shrubs , broken glass bottles,  no comfortable access pathS.

It all comes with dedicated work: The clearing of the belay zones, the path, the walls from loose rocks, names of the routes, signs that reminds us climbers to upkeep the place as naturally and as clean as possible. And designated toilets. (Only in very frequented places –  thanks to the cooperation of the communes and diverse alpine clubs).

A fully developed crag is then born. And climbers come and fill the place with (more)  life.

And then there some crags who will never  see the public. Or, they have seen too many and are closed forever. They were beautiful places we take for granted.

Have you noticed the little things that’s gives each place an ambience? Have you wondered how they come up with inspiring names? Have you taken time to look down?

Ambience makes a climbing crag complete. Look around. It could be the view, the flowers, the picnic bench or just the lovingly carved names of each route!

Long live these beautiful places! A tribute to all first developers of all the crags that make them safe and beautiful!
Lets help keep it that way.

More curiosities:

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