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The Webee harness is a lightweight, 3 buckle system climbing harness. The first time when you hold the WeBee harness in your hands it will inevitably remind you of a bee’s honey comb.  Ocùn asked me to try out this harness before it was available in the markets – I was excited to find out if the performance of this harness would work well for sport climbers.

Packing out the WeBee

Like most other harnesses, the harness came packed in a zippable mesh bag  that kept everything in a climbing bag organized. The honey comb waist belt and the leg loops are designed specially with ventilation holes to allow maximum breathability to excel especially in hot weather. This is made from a perforated 3-D foam. 4 non plastic coated gear loops are attached to the waist belt to the left and right. These loops are sewn on more to the back, so that you won’t have gear constantly falling between your legs while you lead.  A small loop for chalk bags hangs centered at the back of the waist belt. Bands holding the leg loops are adjustable and detachable to enable you to change your pants while climbing and staying secure without having to remove the harness completely. This can happen on multiple day trips to big walls or when the nature calls.  The leg loops are adjustable through the Slide-Lock stainless steel buckles which comes in great if you using this with your winter wardrobe on, or if you have huge thighs. Moveable rubber-bands holds excess bands to prevent them from hanging down unnecessarily.  The harness felt lightweight and durable, and well processed.

Some Techno facts

WeBee Performance Technology
Source: Ocun

Taking a closer look at this honey comb design, the 3D Foam allows a single layer material composition without any lining or coating. The honey comb provides flexibility and plenty of ventilation. It is extremely durable yet comfortable. You might remember hot days when climbing gets intense, you will start perspiring especially around the harness area. With the honeycomb design, you can expect better ventilation. The belay loop in the middle is thin and saves on weight. However, it is also the most crucial area that suffers from wear and tear.

Main features:

  • slide-lock buckles, stainless steel (3 x 20mm)
  • adjustable leg loops, detachable at the back
  • 4 uncoated gear loops
  • made in the EU
  • WeBee performance Technology
  • weighs 370 g in M
  • washable

What I liked:

  • light
  • durable
  • lovely color!
  • uncoated gear loops. I’m not a fan of those plastic coated loops which make the harness stiff and unfriendly.
  • good price

What could’ ve been better:

The red marked area of the harness has a little knob at the joint.
  • the buckles at the legs joints between the foam and the leg bands started to press in after a while.  I felt that if the integration of the foam in the leg bands would be smoother, the knob could be avoided. (see pic)
  • Stiff. Due to the durable foam, it took a longer time before the harness gets really comfortable to sit in. Other harnesses with padded and layered sandwiches are much softer, but wears off quicker too. While this harness is unisex, it seemed as if the boys had less problems.
  • The lower tie-in Loop at the bottom was not gathered at the seams, which would definitely wear out faster than those gathered or double protected. This is usually the critical area where a harness experiences abrasion in its life-span.
  • The 2 detachable bands at the back could’ve been constructed in a v-shape way that hangs together only on one buckle. It  would’ve solved the problem of  looking for 2 independent bands dangling behind your back after taking them off.


Generally, it is recommended to change the gear after a usage of 10 years or once signs of wear and tear start to show – whichever comes first. A harness that’s fitting and comfortable is an investment for a longer time. The Harness is list priced at 49,95 € and it’s light.   It is therefore ideal for the novice sports climber, for Alpinist and mountaineers who wears many layers, those who appreciates the ease of on and off and flexible adjustments at the thighs.

Ocún is a specialist in the manufacturing of climbing harnesses, slings, crack gloves, carabiners and crash pads. Thanks to systematic design and development, Ocún has added belay and rappel devices to their product portfolio, and has become one of the renowned producers of climbing hardware. Climbing equipment with the red flower brand brings to its users a unique combination of beauty, function, security and a great climbing experience.

How it looks:

[Disclosure: I have received product samples for my time and efforts in reviewing this product and creating this article. I am under no obligation to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own ]

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