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standard Climbing in Saint Leger, France

  News spreaded like wildfire. There was this place, this Gorge, with long overhanging routes in the upper grades and potential that could possibly last a life time. La Baleine or better known as just Saint Leger, this crag lies […]


standard 5 nicest Climbing spots for newbies in Bavaria

The summer is near and the climbing season is reaching its peak. Spring time is the perfect season to bring fresh air in your lungs after months of training in the indoor gym. Yayy! Recently someone asked us if we […]

Main sector, Oliana

standard More top climbing spots in Catalunya – Spain

I would never get bored climbing in Catalunya. We were back again, eager to discover new places we haven’t seen or climbed and find extraordinary sport climbing routes and landscapes to wow you off. With the new “Tarragona climbs” Guidebook […]

Hikes - Trials - Via-Ferrata


standard Tegernseer Hütte – Roß und Buchstein

It has been blogged at least 1001 times. So this is review #1002 on a classical hike you can’t miss once you are in the vicinity of the Tegernsee Lake. The Tegernseer Hütte is built up on a saddel between […]

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standard Franz Modritz – how we remember him

Looking through my archives, it became clear to me once again how many climbing adventures we’ve had together with Franz. It began in Chateauvert, France in the late 90-ties. Our adventures. Our climbs together. The sunny days, the laughter, the […]


standard Supermoon – Catch me if you can

Twilight Micro-Adventures The Supermoon comes around after every 14 full moons. “A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in […]

OutdoorTestival 2014

standard SportScheck OutdoorTestival 2014 – Lago di Molveno

The SportScheck OutdoorTestival 2014 is THE Event to try out different Outdoor sports over a long weekend in Lago di Molveno, 40km north of Arco, in Italy. About 280 people where there to test new gear, try out new sports or sweat out in […]

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standard Source WLP Low Profile Hydration System Review

“.. give me this water, that I thirst not ..” vers John 4:15 When John said that centuries back, he wasn’t joking. Water is the most important element in our body, in the world, in our life cycle. Without water, the life cycle […]

Octopus Crag Bag

standard Octopus Rope bag – Blue Ice

I have been eying for an alternative to one of those zippable crag bags when I came across the Octopus Rope bag from Blue Ice. The bag was so simple and small, it was hard to believe that a 80m […]


Tips on Gear Care

standard How to make your climbing gear last almost forever

Frankly speaking, before the hype came, back in the 80ties and 90ties, rock climbers were probably the nightmare of every sales manager. They were one of the worst target groups to make profit from. They wore their clothing until there […]

What to wear in your sleeping bag

standard What to wear under your sleeping bag for best results

Sleeping oudoors? That sounds really uncomfortable, yet somewhat romantic – to sleep under the stars, on hard jutty stones and having creepy crawlies snailing up your sleeping bag, to your face. Yuuuck!! Nevertheless, you’ve heard and read so often that […]