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Fast forward the Spring season – climbing in Arco

Spring Quick and dirty, skip the winter. Within 3.5 hours, you get the spring that you have been looking for. Of course, you have checked the weather forecast, and it’s telling you that it’s going to be fine. Finally, after […]


Climbing in Saint Leger, France

  News spreaded like wildfire. There was this place, this Gorge, with long overhanging routes in the upper grades and potential that could possibly last a life time. La Baleine or better known as just Saint Leger, this […]

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When we are not on any road trips climbing, I hike or cross-country ski. Winter isn’t a hurdle. I feel home in the Bavarian Alps. Time for myself, some summits, the landscape and the people around me. Read more »


Gear talk

The North Face DNP Hoodie

Reviews and tests. From technical climbing gear to outdoor garments. We took it inside out, and used it to see if this is something that you might like to have too. Read more»


Climbing gear

About anything and everything under the sun. Oh yeah, gossip is a womans and men’s (!) best friend.  It goes from trade fairs and trends to photography, outdoor cooking and nail polish.  The list is long, and so the chatter. Psssst! You have some chatter I should know about? Tell me! Read more »



Repairs. Packing. Care . Sleeping bags .  Are you new to some of the things you’d like to do outdoor? A few useful hints and tips that goes out to help you either pack for the night out at the summit, or car camping, choosing the right sleeping bag or how to keep your gear lasting a longer time and more… Read more »


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