A Rendesvous with Salomon X-Ultra 2 GTX

“Dear Diary, I have a secret to tell. I have a new friend. His name is Salomon. But actually, he is also known as X-Ultra 2 GTX. I met him sometime ago by chance in the french midi-pyrenees. It was love at first sight. It just happened. You know how that happens. You pass by, your eyes meet, and then there’s an electricity that tingles through your body. You knew, something has happened. We spent a few minutes, just gazing at each other, no words were spoken. But there was little time, I was in a rush. No time to exchange numbers or things like that. I had to go.

For many nights, X-Ultra 2 GTX was in my head. I couldn’t forget how he looked. He was wearing an elegant Denim blue, sleek and chic. He had pull laces that kept his suit in shape. His skin looked soft, and yet strong. He had a sturdy base which I liked. I thought he would give me the security and grip I was looking for.

A few weeks later, I had to find him again. I came home, searched the internet for his name. I hardly remembered. I knew Salomon was his first name, but there were so many. I had to go through each any every one until I found him!


I found his contact and dialed his number. I was so nervous. The phone rang. Once, twice, and then he answered the phone! His voice was calm and deep. I almost dropped the phone as I blurted out…

“Do you remember ? … “

I choked. There was a pause. And then he slowly said, “… from the Pyrenees?” I blushed. He remembered.  “yessssss…”  was all I could say and then the ice broke. We decided to meet. We had a date!

OMG, we had a date!

We met in France again. We would be hiking and climbing. The terrain was sometimes harsh, or pathless. On some trials there were tons of tiny gravel, that gave way when you stepped on. I had to be careful not to have one of the bigger rocks falling on my toes. Sometime later, it started to rain. Everything became muddy and slippery, it was a terrible weather.  But with him I felt secure, dry, protected. Nothing mattered. I felt as if I was being carried on a cloud – so light, so safe.

Days and weeks passed by. It was a wonderful time. He was a good companion to be with.  My confidence grew bigger and bigger with him. And then it was time time to say good-bye to our little adventures together.

We promised each other that this will happen again, soon.

So dear Diary, what do you think. Don’t we both look good together ?! “

Salomon X-Ultra 2 GTX
In the Bavarian Highlands with Salomon X-Ultra 2 GTX


The Salomon X-Ultra 2 GTX is a trekking shoe made for hikers and backpackers. It is a combination of a trial running shoe and hiking.  I used this shoe on my road trip as an approach shoe to the crags and for some day hikes to the summits.

What I liked:

  • I loved how breathable the shoes are. It’s a great feeling to slip into these shoes after climbing and feeling your feet are well ventilated and cool. On long road trips, with just one shoe in the bag, ventilation is a wonderful thing to keep your feet fresh and not smelly. The X-Ultra 2 GTX did this well.
  • The Quick Fit shoe lace makes the shoe easy to slip in and out. (That happens at least 8 times per climbing session) No fumbles, quick to go. Long laces are tucked under the Lace pocket.
  • The Contagrip soles works well on gravel and wet terrain. The grip gives you a secure footing on steep, slippery terrain.
  • Sturdy. The soles are not too soft for rocky terrains, which is different from the usual running shoes. I love how those rubber nobs are spaced, so not every gravel stucks in between the rubber.
  • Lightweight. You dance like a Gazelle up the mountains.
  • Waterproof. No worries about crossing a stream , a wet meadow or puddle and getting wet feet. Goretex makes the wonder happen. Forget the rubber boots. (However, when used as a bathing slipper, you will definitely get wet feet)


I’ve had some other Salomon models previously, but the X-Ultra 2 GTX beats them all. Even though the shoe is marketed to be more for hiking or trekking, it worked perfectly well as an approach shoe. It gives you the lightness of a running shoe without being too soft. I would recommend this shoe to anyone who’s looking for a lighter alternative than a boot

A boot with a high shaft to help gain more protection and halt for your ankles would be probably better if you plan to do often  long descends (> 3 hours) or high altitude tours. List price: 145 Euros at Salomon or your favourite local dealer.

*Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Please refer to my Disclaimer / disclosure for more information & blogger transparency.

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