Climbing in Casso, Italy

If you drive through Longarone and look up to the roads that lead to Erto, you’ll notice this great wall that covers a great part of that hill you’ll be passing. Then you’d go asking yourself, if there’s anything to climb on it. Casso is situated just right on top left of Erto. The access is a liitle difficult to find, especially if you’re there for the first time and if you get on the wrong path, it’s going to lead you all the way down to the other side of the valley.

Casso, Erto’s little sister

You’ll find ledges, some tufas and side holds there and bring lots of endurance with you. How about a 7a warm up – at section CICA. It’s a little difficult to get off the ground, but once you’re up, you’ll be busy enjoying them. The limestone looks sometimes brittle and layered. If you are comfortable with higher level grades 7c and up, you’ll be feeling at home at Casso.



West (it gets sunny from 13.00 onwards, there’s often a breeze, so the heat in summer becomes bearable)


All 41 routes are pefectly bolted and well equipt with chains for rapelling.


6b+ – 8b+


20- 25 min.


From Belluno drive to Longarone. From there drive towards the Vajont Valley/ Erto in the direction of Pordenone. Just right after passing the rocks of Erto, drive up to the town of Casso. Park at the Piazza.


From there proceed through the village towards the cemetary (stay left). Between the Cemetary and House turn right into a small path that crosses the meadow leading to a stoney path on top of a “stone wall”. Turn left and ascend on this path till you reach a small Satellite antenne. Take note that there is another bigger antenne on the left side of the hill but do not go in that direction! Immediately after that small Antenne turn sharp left in between the bushes and trees. You will find a small descending path that leads to the walls of Casso.


Rooms and Guesthouses are available in Longarone or in Erto.

Access & Topo

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