Climbing in Nice, France – Alpes Maritimes

It was a beautiful sunny day as we walked down along th walls of Castillon, the overhanging cliffs that overlooked the coasts of the southern French Alps was overwelming and we knew that at the end of the day, we would leave this place pumped and tired. Hubby felt pretty much a little “Star Gladiator” after a quick ascent and fight as he reached the chains to the top. I felt abused, tired and there were little energy to top the warm up routes there. Blame it on the long journey, little sleep, wrong hair do, or the views. I was more contented to make it a more relaxing day and show the best side of my belay assets. Perhaps it was those delightful pistazia cookies we found in pretty Castillon, baked in a wood driven stove, that saved the day from turning sour. They were indeed delightful.

Castillon – not only known for it’s steep cliffs.

We kept hearing the roars of the race machines on the coast. Everything was prepared for the races to Formule One. Many prominents would be there – it was a promising opportunity to maybe catch one of the Grimaldis, royals or Hollywood Stars on the streets of Monaco. The town was congested, parking was impossible. But we chose probably one of the best seatings to watch a little of those noisy little match boxes roar their engines through the roads on the coastline.

Coiffeuer pour hommes 7c+
Coiffeur pour hommes 7c+

The paths to sector Jacob was cobbly and not always good. Loose rock made it difficult to access the sector quickly and we had many slip offs before we finally reached the tall wall, overlooking the town of Monaco. The warm-up in “Coiffeur pour dames” for him and me went on smoothly before he found a little project to work on. It was hard to concentrate, every now and then we had to turn our attention to the cars as the walls roared the race engines directly to our ears. After a few tries in the project, we returned home that day tired and utterly pumped. After a good two day rest, he managed to clip the anchor of “Coiffeuer pour hommes” on the first try. A happy hubby with thick forearms. I was blessed.

Sector Jacob
Sector Jacob
Sector Jacob
Impressions of the region around La Turbie
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