These digital F R I E N D S are more than just bookmarks in the global network. They are colourful, motivated people near and far. Met in different ways and places. What would the world be without them?  

Outdoor ladies

Kathrin has conquered hundreds of kilometers of Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, South Africa and Patagonia by fair means and has a weakness for sheeps and cuddlies on her journey. (german)

Apart from collecting summits, beer and cakes are almost just as important in Stefanie’s free time.  (german)

Corinna entertains you with Girl content in an outdoorsy and mountainous world. (german)

Erika paraglides, alpine climbs, backcountry skis and performs micro adventures inbetween her working hours. It never fails to amaze me how she balances her dslr and sports hand in hand. (german)

Nadine has many escapades up her sleeve. And a few in print too. Her blog is a colourful summation of her adventures in many hidden corners of the world. (german)

The lady and mama behind ZwergamBerg in the mountains with a growing interest for alpine arts, and architecture. (german)

Karo loves the outdoors, mini marathons and anything mountains.(german)

Sochy on Tour 

From the snow bivouac to Kuba and New Zealand outdoor travels. I haven’t seen what’s on Sonya’s bucket list yet, but I have a feeling it’s a long one. (german) 

The summits are Rebecca’s goal. Which ever discipline, in many ways, in summer and winter. (german)

Travel Blogs

Digital Nomads: Nima and Steve, tours Europe long term, together with their adorable furry paw friends on board (german) 

Outdoor blogs

Jens is an outdoor enthusiast with plenty of gear reviews and hikes up north of Germany. (german)

Uli is in his element hiking, or Via-ferratas in the Alps  (german)

Trekking in Marokko, or hiking the Swiss Alps are some of Sven’s favourite topics. But hey, it doesn’t stop just there.. (german)

I’ve not met many so passionate and (crazy) trail runners like Steve. He paints the summits in Berchtesgaden (and internationally) literally red. (german)

Alex is the castle expert not only in Bavaria. He knows them inside out and combines most of his tours in a hike. (german)

Hugs for Hikers

Fabian says: “This blog is my silly attempt of bringing everything together. I write about anything concerning the good ol’ outdoors, focusing on the subject of sustainability in the outdoor industry as well as gear reviews.”

Everything about mountaineering, expeditions, Alpine tours, trekking, climbing (german)

JCC –> (J)EEP – (C)ACHE – (C)LIMB. Martin is passionate about Jeeps.  (german)

3 boys and their adventures outdoors. Every once in a blue moon, our rocktrips coincide together too – sportclimbing is a small world (german)