Friends and Partners

They mean a little more to me than just another bookmark on the network. F R I E N D S. Colourful, near and far. Met in differant ways and places. What would the world be without them?  

Outdoor ladies

The Lady who’s conquered hundreds of kilometers of Great Britain, South Africa and Patagonia on foot, with a weakness for sheeps and anything cuddly. (german)
Summits (beer and cakes) are a part of Stefanie’s way to happiness. (german)
Corinna is all girl about anything that an outdoor girl can possibly do (german) 
Erika paraglides, alpine climbs, backcountry skis and micro adventures inbetween her working hours. Ever since she’s on her own, she’s out conquering the world with her camera (german)
You have kids? Then check out Ute’s experiences as she hikes, bikes and skies with her kids. (german) 
Slow travel, books, culture and inspirations – Nadine can be a passionate long distance hiker too, across Europe. Find culture, food and everything related to the mountains in her blog. (german) 
Karo loves the outdoors, mini marathons and anything mountains.(german) 
From the snow bivouac to Kuba and New Zealand outdoor travels. I haven’t seen what’s on Sonya’s bucket list yet, but I have a feeling it’s a long one. (german) 
 The summits are Rebecca’s goal. Which ever discipline, whichever way, in summer and winter. (german)

Travel Blogs

How is it like to leave everything you have behind and travel year round in a striking red bus? Nima is still touring Europe and it might turn out to be a life time thingy. (german) 

Outdoor blogs

Outdoor gear and hike reviews around the northern half of Germany. (german)
Uli is in his element either in the Bavarian Alps or in Lago di Garda to hike, trek, via-ferrata with the family. (german)
Trekking in Marokko, or hiking the Swiss Alps are some of Sven’s favourite topics. But hey, it doesn’t stop just there. There’s lots of gear reviews and tips to catch up on. (german)
I’ve not met many so passionate and (crazy) trailrunner like Steve. He paints the summits in Berchtesgaden (and internationally) literally red. (german)
Are you everything castle? Alex has most of the castles Germany in his pocket. Luckily he doesn’t really have to maintain them all. Inspiring places to hike to, castles high and low. 
“This blog is my silly attempt of bringing everything together.I write about anything concerning the good ol’ outdoors, focusing on the subject of sustainability in the outdoor industry as well as gear reviews.” says Fabian
Everything about mountaineering, expeditions, Alpine tours, trekking, climbing,…. you name it, it’s there! (german)
Timo blogs about his adventures when he hitch-hikes the Pacific on a yacht. Eversince he has relocated to Norway….we all want to visit him now. (german)
JCC –> (J)EEP – (C)ACHE – (C)LIMB. Martin is passionate about Jeeps. And probably, he might convince me some day that a jeep is far off better than a van. (german)

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