Three favourite things in my backpack – Stöckchen

By Chris

Not too long ago I received a “Stöckchen” from Stefanie at Gipfelglück, challenging me to show which 3 items I always have in my backpack. A “Stöckchen” is a little stick which you usually throw for your dog to catch. In this case, it’s a small little game in the bloggers world to spread the word. Neat idea!  So I caught the stick and this is the result…

As a climber, my back pack consists more of climbing equipment  than anything else. Then again, I am a weight optimizer, which also means that I take out everything which I do not need. A heavy back pack is not exactly a girl’s best friend, and definitely not mine. So, apart from the Nalgene drink bottle, or the first aid kit and my sunglasses, my climbing equipment with stinky shoes and sweaty harness, there are still a few more things inside which could be of interest…

Beal Combi Cliff Rope bag

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My 66°north Vatnajökull womans jacket


This jacket has followed me practically every where ever since it came into my hands. In fact, its more out of my back pack than inside because I’m wearing it all the time. It has become a second skin to me in the summer and in the winter. I love absolutely everything about this jacket. Its warm, its breathable, it makes a good shape (!) …  and it has a great quality, making this a great piece of garment for all my sport activities, be it sports climbing, cross and backcountry skiing. There’s just so many places this jacket has seen, be it Margalef in Spain, Val Durance in France or Arco in Italy or on a winter xc-trail in Krün in Garmisch.   More about 66°North and this jacket here.

Sector Cabernet

My Buff Scarf and my nail clippers

Oh, I wouldn’t want to leave the house without this either. Have you ever experience how windy it could get when you’re fighting with the mistral? Have you not ever experienced a moment that you have your scarfs along because the darn wind is just blowing your soul out of your jacket? My Buff scarf, has a fleece part on one side and cotton on the other. It works well for me in summer and in winter.  Belaying in extreme cold conditions and especially when your partner seems to have gone all gaga about his/her project and forgotten about time, oh yes, you will be so glad to have this piece with you! Never fear again for the Buff reigns and may the power of Buff be with you…


Errm, ok. This is probably quite personal, but hey, how many times have I been asked at the local crag if I have a nail clipper with me? Come on guys, must a woman always have these things handy? The years passed and I realised actually what it really means to have this along with you. Nails are just a piece of dead skin that grow uncontrollably fast, and before you know it, whenever you press your fingers on that tiny crimp and it goes like squiiiiiieeeek, you know that its time to have a manicure. And sometimes, this just can’t wait until you get home just because of those damn nails. So yes, a nail clipper can sometimes make a climbing project successful too. Oh yes… It’s also good for cutting of skin that’s been bruised on the crag. Much more precise than using your swiss knife…




My RAB Microlight down alpine jacket

So you are slowly getting the picture. Climbing must be a sport where you freeze all the time. Well, no  of course not. But the best conditions for climbing is usually when it’s cold, when the grip and friction does its natural thing. And while you rest, before you make a new try to climb your route, it’s also a time where you fall into a state where your body cools down and starts to chill. A rest between each try takes usually 30-45 minutes. So there’s plenty of time to freeze and it’s a real great time to cuddle in your favourite down jacket and keep your body temperature constant. The RAB Microlight down alpine jacket has been  in my back pack ever since I got hold of it. Summer and winter. It’s light, it’s down and it’s just great.


So I guess that’s some of the things that I do have whenever I’m out and about. Thanks to Gipfelglück, the cat is now out of the bag!


The Stöckchen goes on air again….

Having caught the “Stöckchen” I  will now throw this to:

  • Sven at aufundab – what did he actually bring in his last trekking trip to Marokko?
  • Thorsten at Gipfelstuermer – with so many summits achieved, was there anything in his back pack at all?
  • Mario at Schönebergtouren – ahh, would love to hear about his cameras he has with him… ;-p

Spread the word, throw out the stöckchen, catch it and throw it back. You might like to read what Stefanie had in her bag and Alex from Luftschubser too.