The biggest climbing gym in the world

The Kletter & Boulderzentrum München Süd upgraded and extended its area for climbing and became in winter 2011 the biggest climbing gym in the world. (So they claimed) On a Saturday morning, 19.02.2011, the climbers were richer of an extra climbing area of 2500 m² .  With this expansion, there would be a playground of 7800 m² (indoor and outdoor, boulders) to climb and train. With 555 routes and problems to choose from, that could easily be more than what a natural climbing area could offer.

The Kletter & Boulderzentrum München Süd has been reputed to be the busiest, fullest, most crowded climbing gym at all times. This was the reason why they decided to take the plunge to expand. Since most of the natural outdoor climbing spots are at minimum an hours drive away from the city, a climbing gym in the city for an after-work session during the weekdays was the perfect deal.  I remember once when we climbers had to fill out a questionnaire. It asked us if we thought a climbing gym would be profitable. Today, I think that, that questionnaire is redundant.  A new target group of climbers is born – the indoor climbers! Booom!

The biggest boulder gym in the world “Boulderwelt” was born in 2010. A small haven for all those living in Munich, a dream come true for all those who boulder, and the solution for all the others who wants to climb but has no climbing partner. This concept came and actually exploded right in the heart of Munich. A success story of this century. Climbing in the metropolitan city Munich? Null problemo! The whole city must be made out of only climbers. ;)

There are many big climbing gyms in the city to this date. Newer gyms spreaded out around the city, like those in Gilching, Freimann, Heaven’s Gate and Heimstetten. You never really have to leave the city to climb. Heaters, always dry and windless are the perfect conditions for climbing.

So the next time you come by Munich, get to an indoor climbing gym! For all you know, Munich might one day out beat the number of routes that are found in Frankenjura. The biggest climbing & bouldering gyms are here in this city.




Post revised and updated  in 11.2016
Disclaimer: All facts and numbers were obtained from the respective websites. While we try to keep the information timely and accurate, we make no guarantees.

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