Taping it right – prevention and support for fingers and elbows

Jumping from one injury to the next – my year for climbing could not be described to be one of my greatest. But there were many moments this year which went more gratifying than those I’ve experienced in the past. And that’s another story.

I’ve found 3 wonderful tutorial videos from Prof. Dr. med Volker Schöffl,  a german sports orthopedic who climbs (!), showing you how to tape those injured climbing fingers and elbows for support. Of course, I’m not implying you should climb when you’re injured. If it hurts, stop climbing. A rest does wonders to your body.

I’ve been applying these taping methods lately and I must say, if you tape, do it right. Here ‘s how:

1. How to tape a finger joint capsule

2. How to tape a finger to prevent PULLY injuries

3. How to tape an elbow with EPICONDYLITIS


Disclosure: I was not sponsored in anyway for publishing this post. Just my 2 cents for great tips and videos.  Thank you Völker, thank you Adidas for sharing this. 

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