Sleeping bag Starlight I, Mountain Equipment

Manufacterer: Mountain Equipment

Model: Starlight I
Total Weight: 1270g (including cover)
Insulation: Polarloft Micro

Starlight I

My new starlight sleeping from Mountain Equipment! I was excited! I have been using a down sleeping bag for a very long time now. I keep one for the summer and one for the winter that keeps me warm even in conditions up to -10°C. It was the first time I was going to try out a synthetic sleeping bag. The price was moderate, not too cheap and not too espensive.

When the sleeping bag arrived, it came in a small 30 x 22cm compact size. The bag that kept the sleeping had 2 lashes to enable you to compromise the package really small. A lash came in handy to carry the sleeping bag. It was so small, I had doubts if this sleeping bag was ever going to keep me warm.

Starlight I

Finally summer was around and the rain finally also decided to stop thus giving all crags a chance to dry up before the winter season starts again. Our sleep out that night was 1600m high where the nights were not warmer than 8° – 10°c. There was a slight wind that made the conditions chilly, and after being outdoors the whole day, it was a challenge if the new sleeping bag was going to keep me warm that night.

Upon unpacking the sleeping bag, the soft silky feeling of the material with it’s polarloft micro insulation made it seem that the bag was really very thin. I slipped in, left my clothings and my down jacket close by, just in case I was going to freeze my toes off.

My fear was in vain! It started to warm up pretty fast, within 5 mins I was comfy and warm and made me feel as if I was in my own bed at home. With the mummy form, there was enough space for your arms and for restless sleepers. Even on rainy nights the sleeping bag proved to be a good companion. A down sleeping bag would make you feel clam, sticky and cold at times. The full-length two-way zip has a glow-in-the-dark zip pull, is secured at the top by a Velcro tab and has a minimalist draught baffle.


A light weight synthetic fiber sleeping bag that keeps you warm even on colder conditions between 8° – 10°C in a camper van where the doors where all left open. There’s a pocket on top to enable you to keep your important personal belongings, car key, etc. The zipper works fine and has a 2 way zipper that enables easy management of the sleeping bag. The light weigth and small compact form made it handy when you are on foot, trial backpacking.

Starlight I

Starlight I

Starlight I

Starlight I

Starlight I


  1. Nice article and very interesting!

    One question i have; you write that you have one sleppingbag for summer and one for winter that keeps you even warm in conditions to -10°C.
    That -10°C is that comfort or extreme limit?

    1. Hi Kirstin,
      the minus 10 degrees in winter is comfort. I have one expedition sleeping bag that’s good for minus 40c (extreme) and so far, it works well in the Alps.


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