I am curious. Just a little.

I really like the idea of having the thermos flask with me on my trips in winter. It warms me up in chilly temperatures quickly. We went out recently on a girls trip and each of us had their own flask. Tea was the most common refreshment we would prepare in winter. Some like it chilly hot, some sweet and herby and some with an extra boost of booze.

What is your favorite tea? Would you love a simple peppermint, or are you the Chai lover? Do you prefer coffee or one with a shot of irish spice in it?

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Beverage tips

Tip 1: Caffé Latte

Cafe Latte on the go
The coffee is in the thermos, the milk comes extra in a bottle.

Coffee wakes you up when you start to feel unmotivated or tired.

You might have even seen climbers bringing along their stove and machine to brew a quick espresso during a break. If you are more the Latte person, you will realize after some time that your Caffé Latte in the Thermos could make your milk turn sour 5 hours later.

Why? Keeping any food or beverage below 60°C  creates a perfect environment for bacterial growth. If your coffee is hotter than that, fine. But then adding milk to a boiling hot coffee spoils faster when it is warm. The cooler milk is kept, the longer it lasts. Putting it in the thermos for a few hours can make it curdle or turn sour. Not cool this Latte.

Some ways to avoid this:

Brew your coffee fresh on the spot . Transport your cream or milk separately in a different bottle. And add it only when you need it. This would keep the milk cooled for the next hours.


Drink your Cafe Latte as soon as possible.

I guess the easiest way to enjoy a good coffee is to brew it fresh, drink it hot, and add as much milk as you like on the spot. You can warm up up the milk on the spot, or settle for just a coffee with cream.

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