Right in the middle of no where, he busted into our tent. His eyes were dark brown and he had a little moustache around the nose.

His body was light brown, checked with a white nose that stretched down onto his front paws. It seemed his body was longer than his legs would hold.

He had the loveliest eyes when he looked into yours. They were eyes you couldn’t resist.

It was love at first sight. 

I stroked him under his chin and behind his ears and he loved it. He followed me everywhere I went. And when i did nothing, he curled up next to my feet. And slept.

There must be a collie, terrier and mongrel in his blood. He was fierry. And he would guard our terrotary as if it was his own.

I named him instantly Sanchez. 

I imagined how he would be travelling with us everywhere, discovering new crags together. Side by side.  He was so full of energy.

I was ready to take him along, but I had a few things to clear and reorganize.

A few days later, I realised he was suddenly adopted by our neighbour who instantly put a leash and collar on him.

It was the end of his frivial, jolly days on the campsite. And also the end of a dream that almost came true for me.

I was broken hearted but left with high hopes he would have a future that would be just as good as one I would’ve given him.

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