MyMuesli Gipfelstürmer Müsli

It’s the weekend again, thank goodness!  Our car was all ready and packed with enough carbohydrates, spices for cookung outdoors and Mymuesli for breakfast. Our destination brought us to one of the many climber’s paradise in Tirol, again a new spot for us in 100% granite.

MyMuesli Gipfelstürmer Müsli

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start off a powerful climbing day. My diat for the day consists usually of weetabix and a banana. It keeps me full for the next say 6-7 hours without having to hunger at lunch time. My stomach is so used to having lunch at 12pm during the working days it would be fatal to leave it hungry on a climbing day. With this diat and a few cookies or fruits inbetween it lasts me the whole day until dinner at around 7pm.

I must admit, I was a little surprise that I would one day ever get to try a packet of extra healthy muesli that comes from a mountaineering shop thats so good, it beats those kellogs mueslis from the local supermarket. Looking up on MyMuesli’s website what and learning how the ingredients are prepared you get the idea quickly that they use specially chosen bio ingredients. One of the reasons why I normally do not eat much muesli is because you find too many brands that sells with hard korns. But Mymuesli changes it all and makes a welcome change to my diat. Bergfreunde’s special Mymuesli mixture is rich with fruits, nuts which brings in a delight in the morning. Mix it with weetabix, or enjoy it pure with joguhrt and milk or add a dash of mascapone to round it off. Additionally cut in a few slices of fresh fruits and enjoy.

MyMuesli offers the possibility to mix up your own mueslis with the ingredients you love most. With such a great startup concept, has chosen a great company and made fine Muesli mixture to order from. Their Muesli is not only good for the excursions to the mountains but a daily joy in the mornings at home too. The muesli comes packed in a smart and stabile 575g cylinder, and costs 7,95 €. I must say MyMuesli is just as competitive and enjoyable as the Jordans Muesli you’d find in your local supermarket and definately worth a try.

Product:    MyMuesli
Nutritional value per 100g: 346 kcal (208 kcal pro 60 g)
Carbohydrate: 61,22 g
Protein: 10,75 g
Fat: 6,52 g
Allergie notes: contains gluten; possible traces of nuts, soya, milk, strawberries
Supplements: none
Nett weight: 575 g

(Information based on facts attained and published by the manufacterer and distributor. I make herewith no guarantee of accuracy)

MyMuesli Gipfelstürmer Müsli

MyMuesli Gipfelstürmer Müsli

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