Klimbingkorns celebrates 12 years online with a Lucky Draw!

Klimbingkorns celebrates 12

Wow! Dig that. We survived 12 long years on the web and we are still alive and kicking! How time flies! Lo and Behold, klimbingkorns does not celebrate its first but its 12th Birthday for the first time!

Blast of the past – looking back

This blog is a little like me. We both shy of celebrations, unless there’s a damn good reason. I was checking some data one day when I suddenly started to count how long we have been online.  Looking back to how it all begun, it started off  in 2002 when I had to create a website for a school project … and then it happened. The easiest topic to choose from was on something you do in your free time. Climbing! Outdoor! Mountains! Yeah, I wanted to spread the word, but wasn’t sure how. The Intenet was a revolution, you could speak to the world! blast of the past In the consequent years, the site saw a few different design uplifts until the blogging hype went mainstream and got me hooked. As the amount of content grew, I started having a tough time getting all the content together and decided finally on a CMS solution. Autumn 2010 marked the year this site saw its first CMS relaunch paving my way for unlimited blogging. Blogging started to turn really fun and when I discovered that there were a lot more people and Blogger out there who are just as outdoorsy as we were, it pushed me with lots of inspiration to carry on. I started taking part in different blogger events  or a Snow Shoe Meet& Greet Weekend in Allgäu even when the avalanche warnings were striking alarm. We got to know many awesome Outdoor Bloggers.   Today, klimbingkorns holds 93 posts scattered in 7 different categories with topics mainly on rock climbing, hiking (new!), outdoor cooking with plenty of experiences and tips that’s written after an inspiring 20 years of rock climbing road trips that has just started to get intensive.

Ask the crystal ball – take a peek in the future

The future will bring a responsive site for mobile users to enjoy a better experience. This blog still has space for improvement and I am juggling my time to manage programming, costs, designing, writing, making photos, and getting out to get the experience altogether. There are still no plans when, but it could be pretty soon. The good news is… I have a design already! Yayyy!  There are plenty of gear reviews and climbing Spots in 2014 waiting to get published. And the second half of the year might bring us on long extensive road trips so that I can gather much more. So join us today and share the experience.

Lets celebrate – with a Lucky Draw!

It’s a real reason to put up a tiny celebration! We are doing something which we have NEVER done before. We are holding our very first Lucky Draw online to thank you for joining us and for your support today. Thank you to all Family and friends, Followers, Fans and Bloggers  for following, sharing, commenting and giving me the motivation to keep on writing. Today, we are giving YOU the chance to get a piece of the cake.

Many thanks to our sponsors and partners, goes especially to Bergfreunde.de – the dedicated online shop for mountain enthusiasts,  for their support to this Lucky Draw. A special hug goes to my family and my husband, for their everlasting patience and support whenever I talk endlessly about blogging issues and ideas which no one understands, go bonkers and spend half the night fixing my pages or writing up the posts or when I always need a photo of this or that in the most unusual places and time and the new social media hype that soaks up actually the rest of my time.



Ocun Tanja VF - Via Ferrata Set

Prize #1

Prize #1: 2x Via Ferrata sets VF TAJA from Ocun
This is the shock absorber and protection for your next trip to a via ferrata. It has a central Loop for resting or fixed belay points and Key-Lock carabiners with palm-squeeze mechanism. Find more details at Ocun
Prize #2

Prize #2

Prize #2: Vega Gas stove from Optimus Be it the big Expedition or a Microadventure, this is the stove that makes sure you have warm meals. Special features includes the 4 seasons modus regulation. Works well even at minus degrees. Find more Details
Prize #3

Prize #3

Prize #3: Black Diamond Icon Headlamp Brighten up your nights with the Icon Headlamp from Black Diamond. 200 Lumen, 175 h (max) and many Modus. Find more Details
Bergfreunde Gift Voucher

Prize #4

Prize #4: Voucher worth 50 EUR from Bergfreunde.de Our Partner from Bergfreunde.de sponsors this Lucky Draw with a gift voucher worth of 50 EUR. Save the hassle of shopping down town and choose what you need from your home computer on the couch. They have a large range of outdoor goodies for you to choose from for your next shopping spree. This way to their Online-Shop
Icebreaker City Bag

Prize #5

Prize #5: Icebreaker Citybag and Belkin Easefit Sports Armband This cool, elegant Citybag from Icebreaker keeps all the things you need to carry with you to the city. The Belkin Sports Armband keeps your smartphone /Ipod touch 5G in place while you make your run around the block or the summit. The transparent foil allows you to use the Phone/Ipod without taking it out from the pocket. Earphones can be plugged on, there’s a tiny hole for the cams too.
Icebreaker Boreal Hat

Prize #6

Prize #6: Icebreaker Unisex Boreal Hat It’s amazing what Merino wool can do. It warms you in the cold and yet keeps you a cool head in the heat. This beanie is not only great for your sports outdoors but also for the city. Colour: Vivid /Black
Bergfreunde Gift Voucher

Prize #4 and #7

Prize #7: Voucher worth 25 EUR from Bergfreunde.de Our Partner from Bergfreunde.de sponsors this Lucky Draw with another gift voucher worth of 25 EUR. Save the hassle of shopping down town and order what you need from home. They have a large range of outdoor goodies for you to choose from for your next shopping spree. This way to their Online-Shop

How to enter

Give us a boost on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, or alternatively comment on this post where your favourite mountain is and why and write down which prize you think you would deserve to win. Log in below with your EMail to verify your entry.  Every particpant can earn up to 14 points. The more entries you qualify, the better your chances are of winning a prize. The list of participants will be thrown in a big virtual bowl and then chosen via Random.org. Winners will be contacted by email after the Lucky Draw ends. So, be sure to login below first.If you are a fan already, you can still join.Log in to see how. The Draw ends on 15th June 2014, 23:59:59 h (Update 26.05.2014: Participants who have entered earlier are already listed. The Rafflecopter helps me put everything together easily. No worries!)

The Draw has ended and the winners have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who has participated and supported us, and special thanks to our sponsers. All winners have been notified. They are:

  • Corinna B.
  • Klaus K.
  • Axel J.
  • Jörn P.
  • Patric S.
  • Helmut K.
  • Torsten F.

Stay with us for a future contest.

Keep on Rockin!


  1. Hello klimbingkorns,

    not only I would like to win some of the prizes, I also like your blog (not on fakebook, not of Bubble +, I mean it personally:)

    So here are the answer to your questions:
    1. Mountain: “Lysa hora” in Beskydy mountains (Czech republic). Why? Many trips in my childhood and amazing freeride skiing in winter.
    2. I would definitely find a place for any of the two vouchers:) … probably buying some climbing guide. And the headlamp would be illuminating as well:)

    keep climbing…adam

  2. Hi Chris,
    Mein Lieblinsfels ist der Ayers Rock und nicht nur der Fels auch rundherum ist die Magie des Ortes zu spüren. Stein, Mensch und alles wird eins. Wann kommen die Bilder und Berichte aus Australien? Einige der wenigen Orte die Deine Seite noch bereichern könnten. Aber Alles Gute und weiter so! Wir schauen gerne bei Dir vorbei…
    Ein Geschenk – Number 5 das Citybag- was sonst???????!

  3. I love Dolomites Brenta, especially Bocchette Alte, and would love to get prize #1 – via ferrata set, to take someone there :)


  4. Hey Chris,
    wow, ich bin echt beeindruckt. 12 Jahre schon, das ist ja der Wahnsinn, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Da hab ich wohl ganze 11 Jahre verpasst… ;-)
    Am liebsten bin ich hier in meiner Wahlheimat den Chiemgauer Alpen unterwegs, wechselnd zum Klettern, Wandern und Geocachen. Aber auch das Tessin ist für mich eins meiner Highlights, da muss ich undbedingt mal wieder hin!
    Ich würde mich sehr sehr freuen, wenn mein Los gezogen wird. Gewinn #1 wäre super, um Klettersteigen kennenzulernen oder #4, um mir einfach selbst was auzusuchen!

    Mach weiter so! Ich hoffe wir lernen uns vielleicht auch mal “in echt” kennen! Viele Grüße, Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      11 Jahre lang haben wir uns gut “versteckt” ;-) Aber jetzt ist der Schonfrist vorbei. Freue mich auch Mal auf ein Kennenlernen! Viel Glück!
      VG, Chris

  5. Hi Chris, 12 Jahre?!? Unglaublich! Herzlichen Glückwunsch und großen Respekt, dass du schon so lange online bist.

    Mein Lieblingsberg ist der Syberg im Dortmunder-Süden, weil er quasi mein Hausberg ist und ich mit ihm unheimlich viele schöne Erlebnisse verbinde. Naja, Berg würdest du den vielleicht nicht nennen, aber wir hier im Pott müssen nehmen, was da ist ;-)

    PS: Ich möchte nicht am Gewinnspiel teilnehmen.

    1. Hi Jens!
      Danke! Ja, ich bin selber überrascht wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Wenn der Dortmund nicht so weit wäre… aber dank deine interessante Beiträge sind wir alle ziemlich Uptodate :-) Freut mich dass Du vorbei geschaut hast.
      Viele Grüße

  6. Hey Chris,

    mein liebster Berg sind der Lang- und Plattkofel in den Dolomiten. Da kommen wunderbare Kindheitserinnerungen hoch ^^
    Für den Sommer könnte ich super die Klettersteigsets gebrauchen, aber ein Gutschein von den Bergfreunden wäre auch super.

    Toll, dass es Dich schon 12 Jahre gibt! Das ist ja echt ein Urgestein im Web! Chapeau :)

    Liebe Grüße!!!

    1. Hey Corinna,
      Cool, ich könnte meinen wir standen erst kürzlich gegenüber der Plattkofel! :-) Die Bergen in den Dolomiten, sie haben was! Schön dass Du vorbei geschaut hast, viel Glück!

  7. alles Gute weiterhin! Was den Lieblingsberg angeht: Ich schwanke zwischen meiner allerersten Mehrseillänge am Brüggler (CH) und den regionalen “Hügeln” hier im Chiemgau ;)

    1. Danke Patric! Die regionale “Hügeln” sind für mich noch Neuland. Das muss bald geändert werden ;-) Viel Glück!

  8. Hi Chris,
    12 Jahre ist großartig, herzlichen Glückwunsch! Was für eine lange Zeit für ein Blog.
    Mein Lieblingsberg? Schwer zu sagen. Am häufigsten war ich wohl auf der Kampenwand und dem Wendelstein. Mit und ohne Bahn. Ich mag beide, auch wenn sie recht überlaufen sind.
    Gerade habe ich mich wieder an den Scafell Pike erinnert, auf dem ich letztes Jahr war, ein toller, wilder Berg, obwohl er nicht mal 1000 Meter hoch ist.
    Und den Monte Baldo am Gardasee mag ich sehr gern!
    Viele Grüße,

    1. Hi Uli,
      schön! Der Wendelstein kann man einfach nicht vermeiden gel :-) Vielen Dank für’s vorbei schauen und viel Glück!

  9. Gratulation zum Jubiläum.

    Mein Lieblingsberg ist der Similaun, weil mich dorthin meine erste Hochtour führte… :)

    1. Hallo Martin,

      der Similaun liegt zufällig in meiner lieblingsregion – Ötztal! Cool :-) Viel Glück und weiterhin viel Spaß!

  10. Macht bitte so weiter wie in den letzten 12 Jahren!!! Es macht immer wieder aufs neue Spaß eure Artikel zu lesen.

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