Spanish moments 

By Chris
Autumn in Cantabria

Autumn in Cantabria

It was amazing to watch each day as the colours of the trees began to change. Each day, a little more yellow. Each day a little more red. But I loved its ever green. Autumn was taking big steps and perhaps winter, not too far away. The valley would soon be a pretty sight, showing off its brightest colours.

We were still here where we were, the last weeks. 

There were no noise polution,  the views were great and if the sun shone, its rays would tickle your nose in the early mornings out from our sleeping bags.

It seemed we could stay here forever.

A routine began to form. The mornings would start at 10:30, the climbing day would end at 8 pm when it gets dark. Dinner is starts at 10 pm. Usualy a time we would find ourselves in bed.

We felt ourselves adjusting to the spanish routine.

Along the way, we’ve met many awesome people. Everyone seems to be spending their winter in Spain. Everyone seems to have endless time, and the desire to discover Spain in it’s last corners. But wait, we have time too, don’t we? Sigh.

And then I fell in love with Sanchez….