Fly where your wings take you

By Chris

It has been a few quiet months, digitally speaking. Incidences occurred that made a  new chapter begin.  And we weren’t sure which direction it was going to turn.

“You are free to fly where your wings take you”

And so fly,  says the inner voice. With eyes wide open. 

Hungry for tranquility, the source to sooth the equilibrum in my mind. 2200 km and many days later, we were watching the sun sizzle beneath the sea, or behind the high summits of the region. 

I took a deep breath. I was so tired. 

I hear nothing but the mooing of the cows, and the barking of a herding dog, colourful birds chirping through the trees. The gushing of what seems like the stream nearby.  

There are bears in the region? Wolves? The heart beats now a little faster. Hard to believe. But we will share the same national park for the next weeks together. And hopefully, we won’t be fighting over the same dinner. 

The stars in the sky shone brightly over the horizon. Another night has fallen. 

It feels right. It must be right.  Its right. 

As I fell deeply asleep.