Edelrid Korben harness

Gone are the days when you have to buy multiple materials for a special sport. Mountaineering today is found in different forms and categories. You boulder, sports climb, make an occasional alpine route and ice climb in the winter. And for the rest days you take out that slack line and work on balance and coordination. If you upkeep all these sports, I’d like to take a look in the room where these  materials are stored. You could either have 5 different varieties of each equipment or have one that works for all.

edelrid korben harness

The Edelrid Korben harness combines a lightweight yet working functional harness on alpine and sports climbing routes.  It’s essential that the harness that you are going to wear is comfortable. It will be on your body for numerous hours, holding all your kilos and making sure that long belaying periods are comfortable. The harness is fully adjustable, made with the special laminate technology. It incorporates a triad system leg loops with a tiny leg loop “Easy Glider” buckle . You can adjust the buckles according to the clothing that you wear. Perfect to go in winter with a thick warm pant, or adjust to tighten it up in a summer pant. To keep the tie-in point and the four gear loops centered, the Korben is fitted with two buckles on the waist loop using the E-Turn system, giving the this harness a large adjustment range.

As we sports climb more than any other combination, we tested the harness while bouldering out different routes, hung about in overhangs, and experienced at some points long belaying periods. It was comfortable at all times. It did not cut into your thighs while you boulder out the route nor was the stiffness of the harness at anytime uncomfortable. Infact it does seem to stabilize the spinal, and gives it a perfect hold. The  Hytrel®-abrasion protector at the tie-in point increases the life of the harness.

The two buckles on the waist loop needed some getting used to. If you have a small waist, you will find that the belt will be much too long. I wasn’t sure what to do with the access belt that hung helplessly around, so I clipped this at the side. This made the belts a little bulky. The gear loops at the side was fine while holding 6-7  quickdraws. I loved the idea that these loops were not laminated or stiff like the most belts these days, although it seemed to be a wee bit tighter than other harnesses I know of.

The harness is light, with it’s 410g (s). It comes in sizes S, M, L in royal pebbles. Priced at 89,90€ you will have a functional and light all-rounder harness to accompany you during your sports.

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