E9 Scud climbing pant

E9 scud climbing pant

Finding a climbing pant that fits was a real challenge, especially if you’re looking for one that fits my hubby. When Wiebke gave me this E9 Scud climbing pant to try out on him, it was like Christmas and New Year together for me when he actually said yes and wore it. And then the next challenge came when I had to make pictures of someone whom I’m belaying most of the time…

E9 is a label originating from Meschia, Italy. Their products were initially inspired from a boulder passionist and the quest for designing garments which are designed especially for boulder and sport climbers, and clothings that stand out from the global sport fashion. A design that is  comfortable, stylish and useable for casual wear too. They have established their brand in europe so well, E9 is the label you will find in almost every climbing store. E9 products are made in Italy and yes, they are also proud of their quality and have every right to do so.

And so the E9 Scud pant finally had a chance one fine day to be thoroughly inspected and brought to it’s limits …

Features of the E9 Scud Pant:

  • E9 cotton climbing pant
  • 2 large front pockets
  • 1 back pocket with print
  • Articulated knees
  • Drawcord ankles
  • Elastic waist with press stud and zipper at the fly
  • Made in Italy
  • Material: 97% cotton, 3% Elastan


The E9 Scud pant sits well under a harness. Its wide elastic waistband makes the pant really comfortable to wear especially on colder days. However, if you have an absolutely skinny tummy, you might find yourself pulling up the pants often while carrying a heavy backpack. If the elastic band wears out after numerous washes , you’ ll be looking for ways to keep your pants up.  A stud button and zipper at the fly makes slipping in and out of the pant really easy. Drawcord Loops at the ankle makes it easy to adjust the length of the pants, if too long. The pant could have been generally a little shorter to fit some of the smaller hunks who won’t want anything binding up their ankles. 2 front pockets are big enough to stuff all the things you will need, not particularly while you climb though.

Climate and freedom in your movements:

The high percentage of cotton makes the pant really durable, even comfortable after a few washes. It was really good for colder days, and especially when you’re climbing out in the summer on northern faces. Articulated knees provides a maximum feeling of freedom in all your frenzy movements while you climb. They also avoid giving you the feeling that the pant would stick on to you while you climb. The pants gives you freedom while you move,  especially when you take on a high foot or make a split across the wall.


Generally, the choice would probably fall in for a pant without any elastic waistbands in the future. In the beginning, it was really comfortable until the elasticity starts to wear out. If your access doesn’t require a long hike with you having a heavy backpack behind, you won’t face this problem too much.The length of the trousers could be a little shorter, so that it won’t puff up for guys who aren’t gifted to be 1.8m tall. In any case, it really didn’t matter much which pant you would choose from E9 to use for climbing, bouldering or just casual wear. With E9 it’s surely a pant to feel comfortable with.

E9 scud in action @Wüstenstein, Fatamogana

E9 scud climbing pant with it's stylish print

PS: Perhaps I should add a note that the pant was shortened, before it was worn, but it still had the loop at the ankle which was fine.

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