Climb, Eat, Sleep – Rock climbing till you drop

Klimbingkorns - The Passion of Rock ClimbingSport rock climbing is the act of ascending steep rock formations using the physical strength of the body, your mental and with the help of specialized gear and safety equipment made for this sport. As technology and material for equipment improves each year, this sport seem safer to deal with. We have a better possibility today to concentrate solely on our physical condition, training and pumping up those biceps for the climb of your dreams. With the variety of grading systems, you can accurately compare the difficulty of the climb. Many existing systems emphasize the technical difficulty, some the endurance and some others the number of ascents the climb has. It’s hard to compare these grades in differant regions of the world as the rock varies. You’ll find differant routes to climb on with granite, limestone, gneis, etc.

Sports climbing used to be a sport, if mentioned in the 90ties, it gathered raised eyebrows in the crowd. Nobody would understand why someone would take the trouble to climb up the gripless wall when you could walk the easy and comfortable way up to the summit on the other side. Nobody understood
about getting psych in one single route and spending many hard working days to just free climb it. But also, nobody told them that it was better than ecstasy when you finally succeeded!?

Today, climbing is trendy. You would find a boom of numerous Gyms in many cities offering Sports climbing, most of them over crowded and air filled with Magnesia. Outside, the natural climbing areas obviously filthed out with signs of civilisation left behind ruthlessly at certain times of the year. It isn’t a wonder that more and more areas get banned from further climbing if we don’t push up our awareness and respect for the environment soon enough. I’m hoping everyone who climbs gets to experience this awesome sport outside, savouring everything that comes along with it – hard work, pumpy arms, shots of adrenaline, sun and the beauty of the nature. It’s a love story just between you and the rock. Long lives the rocky planet!

Happy climbing!

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