Christmas Gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiast and climber

By Chris

Have you gotten all your Christmas presents yet? No? Christmas is just around the corner and many of you may be looking for a present that’s just a little differant than the usual toaster, non stick pan or drilling  maschine. If your loved one is an outdoor enthusiast or a climber, why not make their eyes sparkle as they tear open their present.  Here’s a few usefull ideas :

Gri gri 2

The most important device you need while rock climbing is the device you use to belay your climbing partner. His life and safety depends on this device and it is by far means the most comfortable and safest device to have, if used correctly. The gri gri 2 is much smaller than it’s previous generation, lighter and handels thinner rope better. Read on for the full review

gri gri 2

Mammut – Broad Peak II Thermo jacket

A light, but warm down jacket is the perfect 3rd layer for the dropping temperature as the winter closes in. This Mammut jacket is wind proof, it’s warm and you can push it all together as a compact little packet for transportation. It comes with and 2 big zip front pockets to keep your fingers warm and all your items secure. The jacket is snug and makes a good shape with sufficient room for movement.   Read on for the full review

mammut broad peak

Handmade to measure Beanies and Chalkbags

2 girls from Rosenheim creates handmade crochets Beanies and Chalkbags according to the design you like and are made to measure, using the best quality wool . Their colours are lively and makes definately an eye catcher on a grey winter day. Place your order in time before the festive season or choose from one of their catalogue and support something which is done with dedication from Häkelwerk.

Photos: Leonhard Habersetzer

Boulder Pant – Jung

It’s always great when you know how to sew and turn whatever you’d find practical into the best clothing for your favourite sports. The Boulder pant from Jung is what you would call a boutique manufacture, produced in a limited amount. This boulder pant is perfect for the boulder session, makes a good shape and is comfortable. Infact, this has become one of my favourite pants, for the climbing weekends or bouldering session, it’s a great wear in the colder  months. Read more for a full review

Upcycled climbing ropes to Bags and Chalkbags

Have you sometimes wondered what happens to a retired climbing rope? I remember someone said that a truck has 3 lives. Well, a rope has 2 or more.  And rope is something you do change, once it’s all worn out. Throw them away? No, don’t. Upcycle them and make it into something usefull. Felsliebe turns a retired climbing rope into a bag, purse or chalkbags. The retired rope will be washed, upcycled and designed into the end product. Do something for your environment today.


Petzl MYO XP Headlamp

In Winter, the days are short and darkness starts off early. And there’s nothing far off worse than fumbling around with a cheap little headlamp thats not giving you sufficient light. The Petzl Myp XP Headlamp takes care of this. It brightens your view 180h long and has bright LEDs that shines up till 97m away. You would discover that even after a 2 week outdoor trip with usage in the evenings for cooking and reading, the battery life would be still intact. Read on for the full review

Petzl Myo XP Headlamp

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