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Be it a boulder pant or a nice top for climbing, there’s a variety to choose from these days. Boulderers and climbers travel often to awesome places and some others find the opportunity to finally climb outdoors, away from the climbing gym. Great! So what do you wear when you hit the rocks? This could be a big question for some girls.


Gone are the times when you would see a climber in tight leggings, let alone someone, covered with a t-shirt full of holes. (but when you do find one, make a picture… it’s rare!) What about wearing a pair of your favourite jogging pants and sweats? mmmffh… I still remember in the 90ties when a few of the strongest girl climbers of the world climbed topless, making heads turn and headlines in the gossip column. It was as if to justify the fact that if the guys can do it, the girls can too! And thank goodness, the manufacturers brought out soon after really great tops for the girls, to enhance the beauty of their bodies….and muscles, and keeping everything else in place. Incase you wonder, yes, until today  the guys still recalled what they saw and talk about it.

The climber and boulderer today wears hip clothing that comes in all shapes and colours. They are basically technical wear that breathes with optimal climate and most important, are utterly comfortable. Since climbing at your best requires clothing that allows you to move in which ever way you would want to, with nothing to hold you back on the crux. It should be light, not tear, elastic, breatheable, ….. Clothings today are far more playful, more feminine and colourful making it a pleasure to go outdoor shopping. The guys would remind us all too often.. “it’s not how you LOOK while you climb that matters, but HOW you climb”. And then a defended reply, “you climb better when you feel you look better”. Afterall, food tastes much better when they look good too… Doesn’t this sound familiar? ;-) Ohh and I must add that the young guns these days are very fashion conscious indeed.

I came across the brand Jung while looking for a differant new sports climbing pant. Designed by a climber and boulderer from cologne, these pants are cut to fit well for all these movements. It could almost be considered as boutique wear as all models are manufactured only in a limited amount. Their clothings has nice little details, like the colourful seam at the pockets: very decent, not very loud. For the girls, the pant has a wide comfy elastic waistband that keeps the pants up, and enhances the most precious part of the body while climbing. Great on cooler days too! There’s a toothbrush holder at the side, it comes with 2 big front pockets and a tighter cut at the ankles. I thought that this cutting would get in the way while climbing, since they were not adjustable. But my fear diminished after the first trial on the rock. I was still able to see all the tiny little footholds without having any material get in the way. Foot hooks and knee bars were never a problem with these pants. I loved the colour point the pant showed off in the photos, and yet wished that there were more colours to choose from. The pants for the guys are very straight forward, serious business and available in earthen colours. Just like how our guys like them to be.

Jung pants comes in 97% cotton and 3 % elastan mixtures, the perfect combination for any climbing pant for maximum comfort and movement. The quality of the pants gives you the feeling that these pants were specially sewn personally just for you. I’ve made my own chalkbags, rucksacks and other little bags, and know when a good quality manufacture has been made. Jung pants are not only chic but proved great while bouldering or sports climbing. Jung, a name you should put in your wish list in your next outdoor shopping spree, nevermind the price, it’s definately not made in china ;-)

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