Blogstöckchen – Discover new Blogs: Liebster Award

By Chris


Whaam! A blog stick hit me again, no it was two! Thanks to Rene from Outdoor Spirit and Jörg from MiniMuli I have now two sticks lying around waiting to be picked up and thrown to others. A Blogstöckchen, literally translated is a “Blog Stick” and it works like a WEB 2.0 chain letter amongst bloggers. You get tagged, answer 11 questions , make 11 new ones and tag it on 11 new Bloggers. Awkward name but quite amusing, how it works.


11 questions from Rene:

Whats your favourite travel destination?

The rural Spain. I love the people, the language, the country, its landscape and it’s food… and actually above all this I love their crags. I have seen  Catalunya and Andalusia – I could stay there forever. Who knows, maybe I will one day. But first I’ll have to polish up my spanish.

Paramea, Catalan

Camp grounds or Hotel – where would you prefer to spend the night?

Definitely on the camp grounds. No five-star hotel can give me a bed that wakes you up next to the mountain or the sea , no room can meet up with the warming rays of the morning sun that shines on your face at 6:30am and there’s no window that views the stars at night, shining so bright. The truth is actually, a cosy, quiet place out of reach from civilisation where you may experience strange things while you’re sleeping.  With the perfect sleeping bag and gear for the night, it will be cosy and  comfortable. I can’t deny that I love SPAs in an awesome Hotel though. Great stuff to pamper yourself with in the winter.


Individual oder packages– How do you plan your travels?

Everyone has probably took up a packaged travel once in his /her life before. I used to do this in my teenage years, but gave up quickly on this idea when I discovered individual travels, which were so much more exciting. You see so much more, you are flexible, you can just pack up your bags and go. Planing a trip can be quite tricky. My motto says: “Pre-organisation is the key to a successful trip”. The internet is the base for all my planing and organisation. I buy my flight tickets there, make reservations, find all the necessary information before our departure. For the past 20 years, sports climbing is my passion. And it has shaped 99% of my holidays. Inspirations that I discover on the net can suddenly become the destination the next day. Our car takes us to all these awesome places. With flexibility in our hands today, nothing stands much in the way other than rain and bad, cold weather. And when it does, I take my cross-country skis out. Check out some of the nicest trials in Bavaria at my page

Water or Mountains – Where do you relax best?

Water and mountains. The best places that I find my highs are when the cliffs are right next to the sea, which also supports the idea that I love beach and climbing simultaneously. I find in mountains my adventure, on the shore my peace of mind.


Amongst us bloggers – how much technic comes along in the suitcase?

I’m almost ashamed to uncover the truth, but where most girls fill their luggage with cosmetics, I fill mine with gadgets. Everything that I need comes along with me. That goes for the Netbook, Iphone, Router, Solar Panels, my DSLR Nikon D90 (old but good!) and Compact Sony RX100 II  and my latest conquest the Ambit from Suunto. But before you totally push me into the crowds of being just a Gadget Nerdie, take a closer look about us here. 

Where would you never go to?

The middle east. Thats not my picture of a vacation although they have wonderful mountains there too.

What was the most delicious dish that you had on a travel?

This is actually quite a difficult question. But the best place to eat till you burst is in Singapore.  Sorry, I can’t point a finger to those goodies, they are ALL good! No mountains there, just plenty of gooood food. Otherwise, I am an outdoor gourmet and love to whip up a dish with my MSR stove in the evenings.

Where will this summer bring you?

Spontanity reigns. So it can be the new Greece, the Atlantic coast, and Carinthia or beautiful Astoria /Galicia. At the same time, I’m still looking for an alpine goal for the summer months. It could take me to the Blaueishütte in Berchtesgaden or the Dolomites. 

Tips for rainy days?

Read a book, stop looking out of the rainy window, Write your Life story, Plan your next Trip, Visit someone you have not seen in ages and spend more time with someone you love.

How long can you spend your beach days – in minutes, hours, days?

Its 3:0 against me. So who do you think will win the game?

Show us your favourite travel Photo?

Schönbichlerhorn 3300m – the hike through the Berliner Höhenweg in Austria marked one of the highlights of my alpine hikes:


Most of our trips looks like this. Always a place with a view. It would be impossible to favourite them all here, but you can check them out in the different categories on my blog.



I thought that these questions above were good and would like to use them again for the following outdoor bloggers. Of course, please feel free to answer them in the language you are comfortable with ;-)