Beer Breweries in Frankenjura, Germany

Frankenjura is reputed to have the best developed climbing areas with more than 10.000 routes to date and a visit to beer breweries in Frankenjura should be routine after every climb. A tasty meal and a cool soothing beer in a region with the highest density of traditional breweries is one of the finest treats after climbing.


Hop fields in Frankenjura

Climbing in Frankenjura is different. Due to its infrastructure and the many sectors spreaded out sometimes even within walking distances, it allows you to combine climbs of differant grades all in one day. You may want to warm up in this sector and head off to the hard core sector next, .. or the mornings are dedicated to the girls, and the afternoons to the boys… which ever manner or reason it is, there’s so many possible varieties, climbs and sectors to programme your day. And this means also that there is quite a few opportunities to just bum out in the afternoon on a delicious cake and coffee while you wait for the temperatures to sink in the hot summer.

Cafe Kraft was one of the most famous places to eat a HUGE portion of a selfmade cake, at prices so cheap you can’t possibly imagine. It was one of the places not to miss, a mixture of senior citizens, climbers and cake buffet. It was awesome. A terrible shame they closed down. In the evenings, you can choose from quite a few dozens of private breweries to go to which offers not only beverages but also solid dishes… warm and cold. The density of these breweries are highest around Forchheim. You’re probably more flexible with a car, though that would also mean that the driver will have to watch his amount of jug intake that evening. On rest days, you could hike or make a bike tour from brewery to brewery (although I wouldn’t consider that a rest day anymore ) You can even book a Franken Brewery hike package from some of the travel agents! ^^

Brauerei Weissenohe - Breweries in FrankenjuraBrauerei Friedmann - Breweries in FrankenjuraManns-Bräu - Breweries in Frankenjura


The traditional Breweries in Frankenjura

The breweries usually comes along with a cosy Biergarten under shady trees and serves meals priced from 3 EUR to 8 EUR. A typical Franken meal could be a simple cold dish consisting of Pressack mit Musik (= no, this meat doesn’t come in a melody but with chopped onions), Wurstsalat, Brotzeitteller or Drei mit Kraut (= 3 sausages with Sauerkraut), Sauerer Zipfel (Sausages warmed up in a soupy sour sauce), Zieberlaskäs or the Schnitzel with Kartofelsalat, Eisbein, Schäufele …and so on… Eating out is affordable and thus we stopped cooking ourselves. The beers are of course to blame. It is in our minds to undertake everything to support and help upkeep the few good private breweries left in Frankenjura. PROST!

Brauerei Kuerzdoerfer, Lindenhardt Brauerei Kuerzdoerfer, Lindenhardt

Here’s just an excerp from the many breweries:

Region Bamberg :

  • Brauerei Ott, Heiligenstadt
  • Brauerei Hübner, Wattendorf
  • Brauerei Honig, Litzendorf – Tiefenellern
  • Brauerei Will, Schederndorf
  • Brauerei Löwenbrau, Buttenheim
  • Brauerei Grasser, Huppendorf

Region Bayreuth:

  • Brauerei Kürzdörfer, Creussen-Lindenhardt
  • Brauerei Schroll, Nankendorf
  • Held Bräu, Ahorntal
  • Krug Brauerei, Breitenlesau

Region Forchheim:

  • Brauerei Friedmann, Gräfenberg
  • Brauerei Drummer, Leutenbach
  • Brauerei Lindenbräu, Gräfenberg
  • Klosterbrauerei Weißenohe, Weißenohe
  • Schwanen Bräu, Ebermannstadt

Here’s an overview for Breweries in the region Franken and southern Franken.

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