The Arcteryx womens Calyx pant review

By Chris

Calyx climbing pants

Looking for a climbing pant that gives you absolute freedom in your movements and a relaxed fit? Then the Arcteryx Calyx pant might be the right thing for you.

When the pant arrived at my doorstep for my next review, the box barely had a chance to be checked if the contents or addressee was correct. Never mind. So much for keeping patient. It’s lovely berry colour shone under the plastic label and did not have to wait long before it was tried on and worn. Actually, honestly, the parcel arrived just before we left for a climb that day. Can you guess what happened?

I had to be reminded that I was running around with the label still sticking out of my behind. Hmmm, ok. Does anyone have a scissor? No? OK, I’ll settle for the vegetable knife from our mobile kitchen. Snip it went off and I was ready to show the world what gorgeous pant I was wearing. The pants had:


  • zippered cargo pocket
  • 81cm inseam – wide elasticized waist band
  • breathable
  • durable
  •  womans specific design and fit
  • comfortable under a climbing harness
  • 2 back pockets


  • 68% Cotton
  • 32% nylon canvas
  • Tanica (79% polyester, 21% spandax)


  • ~ 340 g

There must be a reason why this pant costs 79,95 EUR. But I think we’ve all gotten used to that these days. You won’t find climbing pants under 50 EUR unless it was reduced or on sale. I still find them all terrifyingly expensive. So lets find out what makes it worthwhile.

Arcteryx Calyx Climbing Pants

This pant has a relaxing fit. In other words, this pants is baggy, you can wear it to the crags, to the shopping mall, or treat it as your pyjama pants. It is durable enough to withstand knee bars (articulated and reinforced knees) , thorny bushes and comfortable enough to wear it under your harness without you having to itch around wriggling yourself so that the edges won’t press in. There are 2 big rear pockets, but frankly speaking, the waistbands stretch over them so much that they don’t quite come into good use. Moreover, girls don’t always put stuff behind their butts. Guys do. So the zippered cargo pocket at the side comes in more handy for everything that hasn’t found a place in the pack. The fold-over waistband is super comfy and makes a real nice figure. I have tried other pants with a jersey waistband and so far I have not experienced this pant from slipping under even after multiple washes (8 to date) and a heavy ruck sack.

If you are just as short small as I am, you’ll find yourself lugging the trousers around the ground. BUT then there’s this elastic drawcord hem to rescue you from all that dirt and you can even wear them like a Bermuda ;-) Do order a size smaller than usual since they come in super big. I must admit that I made a small alteration as the size I wanted wasn’t available anymore. The Calyx pant worked on hot and cold days. It gives a great climate through its bagginess.

In fact, I must say, this pant made such a good figure, my girlfriend bought it the same night after we met, without even asking me twice. :-)



[Disclosure: I have received product samples for my time and efforts in reviewing this product and creating this article. All thoughts and opinions are my own. ]