An Ortovox sesvenna long pant amongst 3000m

Summer finally came and this year right at the end of august. I have actually given up all hope for any chance to spend a nice hot summer back home and decided to take the plunge into an autumn vacation that was way too early! The weather forecast prognosed a heat wave in most of the European cities, we therefore chose north facing destinations, with a little hope for some coolness during the day.

sesvenna long pant - ortovox

Our first stop brought us to Switzerland, a place I have not been to for many years. It was perfect. The boys had the perfect crag within walking distance from the campgrounds, the gals were surrounded by appealing summits like Titlis with its 3328m and there were dream adventure playgrounds for the little ones garnished with picnic and bbq areas.I was very delighted to be able to finally use my new ortovox sesvenna long pant on the hikes. Normally Ortovox is well known for its winter equipment, be it a back country ski pant or an avalanche gear. Nevertheless they do have an assortment of summer gear to choose from. The woman’s trekking pant comes in a nylon elastane mix which ensures a full functional pant that is very light, drys quick and feels comfortable on the skin on hot days. It’s stretchy material gives you the freedom of movement. We had a bombastic weather on the go, but the rainfalls that came down before made certain that the grounds were somewhat muddy and soft. Dirt practically just peels off thus keeping the pants “cleaner” for a longer time. Thanks to the impregnated “Polygiene” the pant smelt wonderful, even after a long sweaty walk up the mountains.The integrated elastic belt puts the pant where it should stay. 2 side pockets with laminated zippers ensures that water does not permeate quickly into the contents of the pant. And one big side pocket is available for storing maps and materials you need fast. The pant is comfortable for summer days and hiking tours, balancing the body temperature during active activities with the cool merino-mesh. It’s stretchy enough to use it for climbing and stays comfy the whole day though I felt that the material is vulnerable to sharp structures especially if you love to knee clamp.


This pants is comfortable wear for active mountain activities which should be light and yet offers enough insulation on the go. The elastic belt freyed after a few wears nevertheless I was satisfied with the technical functionality it offered on the go. Being so light I was happy to be able to power up the summit without having a leg heat congestion along the way, making the hike fun, light and pleasing. Best used for hiking, via ferratas, or mountaineering in summer.

Technical details:


Sesvenna long pants Woman, Ortovox


Outer lining: 85% Nylon, 15% Elastan,
Mesh Inner lining: 48% Wolle, 52% Polyester

Colours available:

  • Olive green
  • Grey quartz
  • Black steel


XS, S, M, L, XL

The Rhone Alps was our last destination where we spent the remaining days. Cool crags, glacier trekking trips with tame marmots rounded off the vacation and made it a great summer holiday in 2011.

sesvenna long pant - ortovox

An Ortovox sesvenna long pant amongst 3000m

An Ortovox sesvenna long pant amongst 3000m

An Ortovox sesvenna long pant amongst 3000m

An Ortovox sesvenna long pant amongst 3000m

Ortovox - sesvenna long pant

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