Alimentaciõns vs. Bars

By Chris
one of the markets in asturias

one of the markets in asturias

It must the 3rd week now away from home. It felt more like a month, and I can keep on going, trying not to think of when it could be time to start off on our return journey.

We were finally in Teverga, Asturias.

And we got ourselves a cosy little hut right at the top of  a sunny hillside. The changeable weather made it an easy decision. And yes, a bit of civilisation does the soul good.

The people were so friendly. Time seemed to stand still. I loved buying  our groceries in small little alimentaciõns. Here, conversations begin.The ranger in the queue describes the wild boar he saw in the mountains, the local climber about where he has been, the mama was worried about not forgetting anything on her shopping list and where was her husband to help her carry all the bags!?

We spoke no spanish. Just bits and pieces. But this was better than having a beer at the bars.

The grocerer would explain what Fabada Asturias was, and gave us the recipe, he brought us the freshest stock from his warehouse, and we came out with a bag of goods including Morchilla and Chorizos for 4,95 Eur. OMG!

It was also devine to go to a butcher. Everything came out fresh from the hook. And i watched with awe as the butcher chop and de-skined a chicken. This brought back my childhood memories of the wet market. Everyone not travelling with a chopper in your travel luggage would appreciate to get your meats finely sliced.

I have been living in the wrong country all the time.

So used to getting everything ready packed in a supermarket.

The quality was superb. The poultry was meaty, soft and huge. Meats, were even larger, and so tender, no matter what you order. This is one of the reasons why I don’t only love to eat out, but also like to do the cooking myself. I adore food shopping in the southern countries.  Its such an experience to have the chance to communicate with the locals and get better local quality goods far away from anything grown in a glass house.

Yeah, alimentaciõns all the way.