A Smartphone on the rocks

Smartphone vs. PDA

smartphone and climbing

Does this sound familiar?

You’re surrounded by a bunch of guys, one hand on the mobile phone and the other trying to follow instructions to the crux move in that particular route. His hands gesticulate wildly in the air. “Now take the crimp on the left, move your right feet on that tiny black dot above your knee, press and dyno the next hold…..” and the poor guy who’s listening is gazing up the route and yelling back – “hey that’s impossible! Who can ever do such a move like that…” and the discussion continues, on the phone, outside in the wilderness breaking the quiet and your concentration….


HP Ipaq 2490

I am a proud owner of my iPAQ 2490, and it has proven to be a very reliable partner for the past few years. With it’s 320×240 screen, it gives you an optimal view (comparing to other smartphones) while surfing on the net, or viewing photosand of course while you’re taking that topo apart. It is of course not any comparison to your 22″ Widescreen at home, but it helps you while you’re on the go, and keeps you connected if you need extra help. I grabbed a 4GB SD card that stores all things important: music, rock climbing topos, PDF files, and with my very own personal offline WIKI for climbing references, I would not have to worry about slugging a laptop along with me while travelling. It’s 64 mb RAM is not a huge storage, but it’s enough for some important programmes that you will need for your general purposes. The iPAQ comes together with a Compact flash card slot, so that you could use that simultaneously and expanding the storage on your device. I usually bring along 2 mini loudspeakers that blasts music while you’re on holiday and not wanting to listen to the bubbly radio all the time. You won’t believe how much talking you would hear on the radio while travelling through the southern countries in europe! It comes with a WIFI network card, connecting you precisely to the internet either on a hotspot, or through your cell phone with bluetooth. It has Word, Excel and Powerpoint mobile, and these are software sufficient enough to display your documents.

I was pleasantly surprise what the new opera mobile 9.7 beta had in store when I downloaded to replace the 9.5 beta version i had on my iPAQ 2490. The newly launched technology with Opera Turbo and it’s rendering machine speeds up uploading those pages and gets you to your goal in a jiffy. It loads the whole webpage, allowing you to view it on the whole. By tapping twice on the window, it zooms up the page. Wow, it’s fun using opera, and finally it gives those classical pdas a new look and feel – so that you may not feel that you’ll have to get the newest Iphone 3Gs at all…but then again…why not?

Well, if these are all not advantages to get a PDA, why need a smart phone?

Sony Ericsson W960i

Smartphones are small, handy, you can make voice calls and yet surf in the internet with all one touch. You have your contacts, 8GB storage for your favourite music and make pictures when you don’t have any cameras along. But the Sony Ericson W960i screen is really tiny. I replaced once all music with the topos and climbing references that I had, and was really cramming my eyes for some certain information. Since it has a Symbian UI, there were certain setbacks which irritate. I wasn’t able to use my offline WIKI as it needs the latest Microsoft .NET Framework. Nevertheless, on days when I left my pda at home, the smart phone is a good compensation to get to the internet really fast. With opera mobile, this makes surfing on the net fast. I have stopped using the explorer browser ever since. You can synchronise all links with different devices making sure that you will never miss the information on a different device. Yayyyy Opera, good job!

So what would you say, get a smart phone or a pda?

IPAQ 2490 and SE W960i

Lately, more and more elegant devices are coming out. Bigger screens, faster, bigger storage, better technology and everything you actually would expect from THE device of your dreams. A couple of years back, I would’ve said, all what I have mentioned above counts. But living in the time of today, these smartphones are turning more attractive, getting thinner, lighter and they are not too bad after all. An interesting site that reviews all these devices is Smartphoneblogging.com

I’m aiming for the next PDA cum phone = smart phone and I guess, this will prove to me to be the perfect partner on the road that contains all your digital topos, to check your emails or just call your mates to ask them which crag they are hanging out on. And if you are uncertain where they are, switch on your GPS and software and let it reroute you to exactly where your mates are hiding!

Vive la technology!!


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