66° NORTH – Vatnajökull womans jacket

66 north Vatnajökull womans jacket

The Vatnajökull womans jacket from 66°NORTH was love at first sight. When I slipped it on I knew that I was never going to take it off again. It had to be something to wear from the morning till night. A jacket that combined all technical needs, yet simple and comfy.

Vatnajökull – A jacket made for women

This fleece jacket is designed for activities where warmth is required. The main body is fabricated with Polartec® Wind Pro® , keeping the Torso warm whilst the sleeves and sides with the stretchable Wind Pro® version, making it a good fit. I used this Polartec® fleece jacket on both occasions while cross country skiing as well as sports climbing. I found that be it on colder occasions it was sufficient for me to wear a thin base layer that absorbed the sweat while I’m very much on the move. The sleeves are coated with a soft insulated and fluffy to the skin fleece and made wearing this piece a dream on cold weather. The Vatnajökull womans jacket has two zipped hand warming pockets in the front side seam and to allow ventilation you’ll just have to open those pocket zippers. Since the upper chest pocket was too small to accommodate my iPhone, I had to keep this always in the zipped pockets. So while moving around vigourously, and having the zippers open, it was hard to have to reassure myself that my belongings were still in the pocket and not anywhere else in the snow.

66 north Vatnajökull womans jacket

Using the womans jacket on chilly days

I used this  jacket also on wet snowy, rainy conditions, testing it’s wind and water resistantness. I had the same base layer inside (short sleeve insulated tee from Odlo) and the Vatnajökull womans jacket outside without any other protection. It kept me really warm and almost dry for about 1 hour before the wetness started seeping in.  After washing it a couple of times it would’ve been probably better to combine this with an outer rain jacket.  It’s not a lone wear against the wind but gives you instead a snug warmth around your body. Then again it has always been difficult to combine fabrics to give extensive breathability and keeping the wind completely out. Wind stopper products would be a better bet, if your environment is nothing else but made out of wind. The pulse warmer at the end of each sleeve was a welcome feature when you don’t have hand gloves along.

66north Vatnajökull womans jacket

Climbing with no obstructions

In the warmer days of the year, the jacket accompanied me on all my sport climbing trips. It was comfortable while you climb on chilly days, the snug fit of the jacket was so good that you didn’t really have to take it off. The outer sleeve  material is smooth, so you won’t have to worry about getting all the fabrics stuck on the wall surface, destroying the material of the jacket. When you zip up the jacket chin high, the nice high cut makes sure that no wind is coming into your body even when you’re looking up to your partner while belaying. Needless to say, the zippers are protected at the ends so you must not fear zipping in your double chin.


Be it for the winter tour or just sports climbing trip, this jacket won’t let you down. I’ve washed the jacket at 40 degrees a few times  already, it stays in shape so you won’t have to worry much about it shrinking. The quality of the jacket is well done, a perfect companion in the mountains and almost elegant enough to wear it for dinner too.

66 north Vatnajökull womans jacket

66°NORTH was founded in Iceland in 1926.  They specialize in outdoor clothings thats warm, technical, yet includes all aspects of a comfort wear. Their design is playful, modern, and yet durable. 66°NORTH began with protective-wear designed to shield the Icelandic workforce from the elements. Over the past 10 years the company has grown extensively and is considered an expert in the production of outdoor clothing. The company merges high quality technical fabrics with technical designs and offers a wide selection of protective clothing for all occasions with their slogan at  66°NORTH: “There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing”.

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